Opinions on the new "Lover" Bags??

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  1. Just wondering if anyone owns or has tried these bags out? Do they only come in one size at present?

    I am very drawn to it, as it is a relatively simple style, shoulder friendly(??) , double zipper with wide opening and has the ever-important (to me) cell phone/PDA pockets inside...

    Could very well be my self-bday gift, if it is what I imagine it to be!!

    Thanks for any input !!

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  2. [​IMG]

    Needed a bigger picture! I would like to see it irl. Not sure..
  3. I saw the black and tan irl at my Saks. They're elegant and simple. Not on my wishlist atm though. If I had tons of discretionary income, I'd get the color in the back left.

    I do like them though. What color is the back left?
  4. i haven't seen it irl, but i agree that they look very elegant, yet modern.

    A - i love that color too... looks like dark purple-ish brown. i really need a dark brown bag :smile:
  5. ^yes, very unique color. I wish they came in more sizes. Does anyone know if they do? The one I saw was more along the lines of the small Easy although not as wide.

    The dark purple brown resembles the same color as my Prada I purchased on sale chic.
  6. I think this bag is gorgeous. Especially in that gray color in the lower right hand corner.
  7. ^^ A - i knew i saw that color somewhere before! it's your prada bag :smile:

    so far i've only found one size - kinda on the thin side (9H x 12H x 3.5D)
  8. pretty, looking forward to seeing it irl