Opinions on the new David Yurman watches?


Apr 3, 2008
I have two DY watches, the Madison (not sold anymore) with diamonds and cable bracelet, and the two tone Thoroughbred. I just love them for the uniqueness of their style - no other watches like these - and because I think DY is the most talented, innovative jewel designer in my humble opinion...I think if you fell in love with the Classic, you should get it! You will get so much enjoyment out of it when you get the piece that you fell in love with, regardless. I have the Cartier BB and love it, but the DYurman watches I own are more special for the reasons I stated...
Mar 5, 2010
imo, if u love the watch and constantly think about it, get it! if u r on the fence then wait... i personally like DY watches :smile:


Cartier Love
Jun 24, 2007
I'm a long time D.Y. fan but for some reason I have never been that interested in his watches. I think they are very unique and different though and if you love it you should get it. This one is really pretty and for and a Rolex with the same specs would be a lot more. Is the BB around the same price? I would get whichever you love more...


New Member
Mar 29, 2011
Just bought the new DY classic, stainless, 33mm, with diamonds and I LOVE it! Everyone notices it. You can get the Cartier BB for a bit less without diamonds. I wanted the bling!