opinions on the Neverfull MM and GM

  1. Hi guys!

    So my bf will be helping me get a murakami neverfull tomorrow and I having troubles deciding what size i want!

    I went to the LV store today to try on both the MM and GM for size and I like them both!

    Im 5"2 and about 100 pounds.
    The MM was a good size when it was opened and closed
    The GM was good when it was closed, but not so much when it was opened (with the drawstrings out)

    So tell me what you guys think. I want to get a GM, but do you think thats a bit to big for my size? if I get the gm, i dont think i would carry it without the drawstrings pulled back

    Because, when both bags have the strings pulled back, there is only a small size difference =T

    But then, I was thinking, if i get the GM, if it ever gets heavy, my hunnybunny can carry it and it wont look so bad hahaha.

    But yea, any opinions would be great! I have looked in the neverfull clubhouse and i've seen like 2-3 petite girls with the GM and its not that bad...but the MM looks good too!!
  2. Go for the MM.
  3. for those that have already purchased the murakami neverfulls, maybe you guys can post up some modeling pics?
  4. I would suggest the MM. You should buy the bag that will do the most for you: you can wear MM both ways, so it's more BANG for the BUCK! Otherwise, I consider it a waste of money if you cannot wear the GM with the drawstrings undrawn.
    Anyway, I think for smaller girls (I'm your height too) MM looks like a big-sized bag but isn't as extreme as GM. Good Luck and post pics when you get your lovely bag!
  5. I vote for the MM as well. I'm about your size and the GM looked overwhelming on me.
  6. MM!!!! GM is way too big!
  7. We're about the same size and I got the GM. (Not Murakami...though I'm gonna go check those out!) I agree, I LOVE it closed but opened, it looks funny. I got the GM because it stood out and REALLY popped, whereas the MM was kind of normal-looking and not much new, if you know what I mean. That's just my opinion, but I use the GM for school everyday and I looove it. I like that it looks HUGE!
  8. thanks peach!! That was what i was thinking too!! for the murakami hands, you want it to be BIG!!!

    but its just tht i like both sizes, that i dont want to end up regretting the size that i got =T
  9. MM. I think the GM is too large for a petite frame. Post pics when you get your new bag!!
  10. get the GM bigger is always better! but if you feel comfortable as using it as an every day bag if not go for the MM! it's too nice to sit alone in the closet...
  11. i love my neverfull MM. the only beef i have with this bag is the inside compartment. i realize if i put stuff in it the bag wont stand. however i have discovered a way to keep the straps from sliding down :idea: i wanted to post it but since the neverfulls arent as new as before iowanna be posting boring stuff.:shame:
  12. GM... only because I'm a large bag fan!!:heart:

    I wish I could go MOCA tomorrow :drool:
  13. Not a fan of the Neverfull, but a good size for you would be the MM.
  14. Show US!!

    Biochick get BOTH.. Haa.. Im 5'2 plus 10 pounds:push:. I have the GM and i love it. It looks so much "chic'er". KWIM!?
  15. i have the neverfull GM i luv it.... well get the GM u will never regret:tup: