Opinions on the Monogram Mini line...r/o

  1. In March 2005, my DH got me a "going back to work" gift (I was home w/my daughter for a year after she was born).... I got a Monogram Mini Lucille (GM in the cherry color) and loved it - got it from Neiman Marcus...but after carrying it for a month, the sections where the leather meets the fabric came apart so as I looked closely, it was glued and not even sewn (where the stitching was). I did have my receipt but since it was over 14 days, they could only do an exchange so I got the Damier Parioli. I hardly carry that bag now (not sure why). I really love the Monogram Mini but I'm leary because of what happened to my Lucille.

    My next purchase though will be the Epi Speedy in Red... hopefully before year end.
  2. Sorry to hear about you Lucille..mini also have yellowish stains in the fabric after while.

    LV will come with new mini line but darker color (I love cherry color by the way )
  3. Sorry about the Lucille, you are going to love the red Speedy!!!
  4. I have the mono mini josephine in blue and a cles....I love it! I have had a couple issues with a yellow glue like something at some seams which I've been able to clean of fairly well and I've gotten it stained by my dark jeans which I was able to easily clean off with woolite and warm water, it still looks great and I get a lot of compliments on it, especially when in the LV store and I tell them I've had it for 4 years...
  5. I have the mono mini Josephine in cherry and khaki, the mono mini long alma in cherry and the juliette in khaki and yes, it was actually quite a paranoia to be carrying them out. But so far, I make it a point to keep them in the dustbags whenever I'm not using them because my SA advised that the fabric might darken if too much dust settles on it and also, to stuff it appropriately when not in use so that the fabric maintains its shape and the fabric doesn't wrinkle like some mono mini pieces do.

    How about going for the darker mono mini colors like the olive or dark navy? :smile:
  6. I wouldn't be too surprized about the glue, cuz practically every LV piece uses glue first and THEN stitches. Iono...kinda reminds me of my woodworking class cuz when 2 pieces of wood come together, there has to be wood-glue first and then the nails get hammered in.........sorry....I'm really off topic lol.....
  7. What did you use to clean off the glue and how?
  8. The tide stick I think helped the most, it's not perfect, but it's really not that visible either...
  9. i hv a mini monogram piece coming in..how can i clean the glue off?
  10. do you know for sure it has a glue issue?? I kinda didn't have a problem until I had to clean the bag because I rubbed dark denim on it, it cleaned up perfect but then I noticed a little area where I could see the glue, it's reallly not a big deal IMO.....I used a tide pen and kinda scraped @ it with my nails and a good amount of it came up....
  11. With excessive heat, the glue will show on the lighter fabrics. I have the khaki TST for that reason. Too bad about the Lucille - it should NOT do that.
  12. Sorry to hear about your problem. Please post pics of the jasmine when you get it. I am sure you will not be disappointed with it.