Opinions on the MJ Ingrid please?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here, and just wanted to say that I :heart: this forum, especially the Marc Jacobs threads! I've already read so much great info from all of you (and this helped deplete my bank account in the form of tons of bags last month... :sweatdrop: ) and would really appreciate your advice on the Marc Jacobs Ingrid bag!

    Do you like this bag (I'm a little torn between the Ingrid and a Chanel) and what color do you like most for it?? I think it comes in Black, Topaz, and White Chiffon? If you have it, please let me know how much stuff you can fit in it and how heavy it is! I pretty much carry my life around with me but I definitely need a smaller handbag since I have soooo many large ones!

    Sorry for the long post but TIA!

    Oh, and here's a pic of the bag in black:
  2. it does look similar to chanel.

    hmm, if i would get it - i'd get it in topaz.
  3. According to MJ Look Book, Ingrid (9 x 5.5 x 3") comes in Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, and Almond. The official site also shows Saddle Brown, I'm not sure if it's made in that color or not.

    Honestly, this does look like MJ's version of Chanel's Flap; it doesn't look as elegant b/c of its thick chain which adds a bit of funkiness to the bag. I personally would choose Chanel of course. It's a matter of personal preference though, go for it if you like it.

  4. ^ Size-wise, Ingrid (9 x 5.5 x 3"; $795USD) is just a little bit thicker than Chanel's Small Classic Flap (9 x 5.5 x 2"; $1495USD). It's not a fair comparison because this Chanel flap costs twice as much (considering its upcoming price increase).
  5. i considered getting this bag for my mom as a small sunday/church bag...but in the end decided against it and went with a gucci

    it's a cute bag, but I think i'd go for chanel if i was choosing between the 2....chanel is just a more classic/known bag.
  6. It's a cute bag, but I think there are cuter/nicer bags out there that are similar to that style...
  7. hey ChenChen it looks very similar to the Chanel. Personally, I like to buy bags from a designer that I like and bags that are more characteristic of that designer. Thus i would probably choose the Chanel over the Ingrid. Of course the chanel is at higher price point but it sounds as though you already factored that in and had your credit card ready to bring home either bag =)

    Tell us what you decide!
  8. I like it, but only in topaz or Chiffon, but I agree with bag.lover and bubble.
  9. i love the bag in general, but i'd definitely go with topaz (which might limit the wear, but also makes it SUCH a special bag).

    it's definitely a modern take on chanel, so i'd go with it...

    you can buy a chanel when you're much older and can't get away with rocking mj anymore!
  10. It's really cute, but not special. I agree that topaz would jazz it up.
  11. Nothing about this bag is Wowing me....
  12. I would pick Chanel over MJ Ingrid because its sucha classic for Channel. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Thanks ladies for all your great input!! At this point, I'm leaning towards getting a Chanel Classic Flap... hopefully BEFORE the price increase! :p I do still like the Marc Jacobs, but since it sounds like it's not flying off the shelves (LOL) maybe I'll be able to get it on sale (*fingers crossed*). So I'll stop by Chanel this weekend and see what I can get!!
  14. A Chanel Classic Flap is chic, elegant, and timeless. If you can, definitely get it before the price increase. =)

    What color are you thinking of? Caviar or Lambskin?
  15. Ah, definitely get it before the price increase on Feb 1st. And keep us posted as to which one you get eventually! :smile: