opinions on the mini classique?

  1. I'm looking into getting my first bbag, what do you all think of the mini classique? Is it big enough for a day bag? I don't carry a ton, phone, agenda, wallet, cosmetic bag is pretty much it??? Thanks!
  2. I think it's a little small for your needs...you might get away with a first, depending on the size of your agenda and costmetic bag. I think of the mini as fine for wallet, cell phone, keys, lipgloss for a night out. But for day, I think you'll have to go a little larger.

    Are you near a store where you can try them?
  3. Nope, too small. I think of the mini-classique as a hip evening bag.
  4. it makes a cute going out bag, and an everyday bag if you only carry the bare essentials...a first would probably be better, especially for your first bal.
  5. ^^ ditto!!! :cutesy:
  6. Yeah, mini classique too small. I think it's more for evening. The First is the best, if you dont carry much during the day.
  7. Go for a first, a mini classique is def only for a night out!!!
  8. I agree with the comments above that the mini classique will be too small for an everyday bag. This thought comes from a person who carries very little and I can just fit everything into my first.
  9. The mini twiggy would hold all of your stuff, since it holds the same amount as a first. But a mini classique is tiny.
  10. Anyone with a picture of them WEARING the mini ? Would love to see how it looks on someone!
  11. I was considering one also - could someone post a pic of them together for comparison
  12. I think if you carry few-ish stuff you should go for a First... The mini Classique is just so darling, but definitely not as a day bag. There are pics in the "wearing your bbags" sticky'd thread, you could run a search there!