Opinions on the Madeleine PM?

  1. I am thinking that I want to get something in the new Cassis Epi when it comes out. The Madeleine PM looks like a cute, somewhat smaller bag (which might be a good thing for me as I have a lot of huge bags recently). I was wondering what people think of it and the size, since I don't much about it here. Do you think it would look okay/be big enough for a dangling bag charm (I have one in silver I'd like to use but no bag with silver hardware).
  2. I saw this bag last week and I wasn't a big fan. There's something about the design of it that I don't like and my SA pointed out the handles aren't very flattering. They're flat straps as opposed to rolled handles which IMO makes it look cheaper. If you want a smaller bag, how about the Lockit or Jasmin? Please don't be offended by my opinion.
  3. Also, not a fan . There is something about the handles that seems out of proportion - too slim and attached to the bag too close together. There are other cuter bags imo.
  4. I'm definitely not offended! I haven't seen it in real life, so it helps to hear what people think. The pictures on the LV site don't give you much to work with, you know? Unfortunately I don't think the Lockit is going to come in Cassis, from what I've heard. :sad: I haven't heard about the Jasmin one way or the other, but that might be an option if it does come in Cassis, because I think it is a cute bag.
  5. I LOVE epi, but the Madeleine PM was uncomfortable under the arm coz of the wide base. I do LOVE the Madeleine GM, but want it in REEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!
  6. Well the straps are VERY stiff. I tried it on and there is no way I will buy it. I asked if the straps would soften over time and the SA said no. :shrugs: I'd rather have the lockit.

    BTW whst does the Cassis Epi look like?
  7. i really love the Epi Madeleine PM bag - and have it in ivory. I think it is a cute bag, and I do get comments on it...
  8. Here is a picture that has been posted on a couple of threads - the cassis is the darker color (the pinker one is pomegranate).