Opinions on the Knight bag?

  1. What do you think about the Knight bag and the other bags of the line?
    I think I'll pass on these ones...
    022037188.jpg 022037193.jpg black.jpg
  2. Love, love, love this line.
    The Knight studded hobo goes for over 3 grand here in Canada.
  3. i really like the middle bag... it's a bit rock & roll. as for the other two, i would have to see them in person
  4. i absolutely loooooooooove this line...still contemplating whether or not i want to dish out the money for these bags!
  5. I like them, But dont love them.
  6. i absolutely loveeee the knight bag. Dont know if I'd shell out $3,000 for it, though.
  7. I love this line...especially the middle one. However I've tried it on my wrist and it's so uncomfortable. It's itchy...not soft. I couldnt use it on a regular basis.
  8. I like the third one - these give a real edge to Burberry!
  9. i love that line , but if i have to choose then the middel bag is the one.
  10. Personally, I prefer the more classic burberry styles...but I can certainly see why these are "hot" -- they are very edgy.
  11. I do too agree that the classic checks are more appealing and this is too much for some tastes!!
  12. This is my favorite bag from this collection! It's so gorgeous on and the leather under the studding is buttery soft! It's as eyecatching as the knight bag but much lighter:
    [Hoxton Hobo]
    Also I do LOVE the Knight bag:
    I've tried the Hoxton hobo on at Nordy's and I'm simply in love!
  13. love love love them!
  14. I saw the third one in the boutique and I passed on them because of the price tag! :S
  15. i love the shape of this one but not the material.