opinions on the ivory silverado

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  1. hello girls! i need your opinion - should i get a chloe silverado in ivory leather (not python)? or should i hold out for a white woven bottega?
  2. Hold out for a Bottega Veneta. It's a classic!
  3. I like the Bottega better than the ivory all leather Silverado, but I think that the Bottega is going to be VERY difficult to keep clean. With that price tag you will be taking a huge risk.
  4. I think the BV is absolutely stunning of a bag. The leather is absolutely amazing, but like Angst and Kat said... it may be a b*tch to keep clean... but if you're easy on your bags... then I would go for it! I love the white woven hobo that they have.

    As far as the Chloe's, I don't feel too bad about beating them up a little because I'm not paying an arm and a leg for them.
  5. very true...i might need to think hard about this. but i love the way the BV hobo hangs and it's so light!
  6. ^^^ Yeah, I so agree!!! I found one at Nordstroms the other day and the leather was silky and smooth like butter. It's definitely a bag you could use FOREVER! And the white, imo, is the most stunning of all. I don't like the way it looks in black and brown nearly as much. If you do get it, I'd love to see pics!
  7. ok, i think i've decided to get the BV in white...I'll definitely post pics. :biggrin:

  8. Yes please. i want to see pics
  9. yes, great choice..
    bv is far nicer and lighter than the silverado.
  10. I like the Silverado, but I prefer it in tan, chocolate or turquoise. If you definitely want a white bag, I agree with your choice of the BV! :yes:
  11. sweetsparkle, what did you decide?

    I was in BV the other day and the subject of the white woven bags came up. My SA said that the white woven bags can be a disaster and are not a good investment if you want to be able to use the bag for more than one season. White bags in general are difficult to keep in good condition, but the woven bags present even more of a challenge since every little woven square has the ability to pick up dirt on all four sides. For a price tag of almost $2000 I would definitely think twice.

    Have you given any additional thought to the off-white/ivory Muse?
  12. hi angst! i've actually decided to hold off on buying more bags. been feeling guilty about all my bag purchases. but thanks for your advice. i agree with you too....for such a high price, getting a bag that will probably only last for one season is not worth it. and knowing me, if even a couple of the squares get dirty, i probably won't like it anymore.
  13. Hi Sweetsparkle!!
    I got the ivory silverado 2 months ago and I LOVE THE BAG, it is really beautiful... but its a pain to keep clean!! I take care of it like crazy, but unfortunately, it has gotten a little dirty and I have no idea how to clean it! Some of it comes off with a moist towel, but I need to find a way to clean it better. Any suggestions anyone??
    If you like the silverado style, I recommend you get it in a darker color (but, if you find an easy way to keep it clean, GET IT! ITS WORTH IT!) In the darker silverados, be careful of what leather you choose bc there are some silverados that scratch very easily. Definitely the leather of the paddies is much better and resistant to dirt, scratches, etc (i have a grey one and its in mint condition!)
    Hope this info helped!
  14. thanks for your advice! i think i'm going to steer clear of white bags for now. i live in nyc and when i go out to restaurants, sometimes there's no where to place the bag but on the floor on on my lap (food spills)! so it's so hard to keep clean!