Opinions on the Gucci XL Dionysus Hobo?

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  1. I’m not usually a Gucci girl but happened to go into the outlet store to look for a practical work bag and the SA showed me this hugenormous Dionysus hobo with embroidered King Charles spaniels. It was so big and quirky I couldn’t help laughing but then upon trying it on I think I might like it - it’s ugly cute. I admire much of the embroidered collections Gucci’s recently been doing but hadn’t seen the dogs before (I *really* love the tigers).

    Does anyone have this bag who can share their experience w it? Would you buy this if you were me? It’s a great price ($670? Pls tell me if it’s not a good deal) and I do need a large casual bag to accommodate my stuff + my baby’s stuff, however I’m 5’3” so this would definitely be more of a novelty play. Sry I didn’t capture great pics bc I wasn’t taking it seriously at the time but now I can’t stop thinking about it haha.

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  2. Beautiful but no. It looks way too big on you and awkward. I could see if it was a regular size hobo then yes. Great price though.
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    It does look big, but I'm guessing it's meant to

    The embroidered patches are cute but I don't see the "ugly", they're quite nicely done.. The patches are modelled on Staffordshire Pottery Spaniels (or dog figurines/hearth dogs) that were very popular in the nineteenth century in middle class homes but have been made since the beginning of the seventeenth century. But you are so right there is an influence of the Chinese dragons/dogs to the original pottery figures. It's an amazing piece but you have to love it.

    credit 1st Dibs

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  4. I think it’s a beautiful bag, but the size is overwhelming. I personally wouldn’t buy it - the novelty of the dogs would soon wear off, and I’d be stuck dealing with a way too big bag (for me). However, the price is great, so if you’re just looking for a once in a while fun piece, this might be worth it for you.
  5. I like it! Yes it’s too big, but isn’t that the point??
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  6. Sry I should be more clear, my reference to “ugly cute” is more towards the oversized proportions on me, not the dogs themselves. I *love* the embroidery, I think it’s really special which is why it’s making me think twice!
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