Opinions on the Gabi?

  1. It looks like the Gabi is not from the newest line. Any opinions out there?
  2. Well, I just went on to the Kooba site and looked at this bag. I couldn't tell if the "brass" hardware was shiny or not, but I think it would be really great if the brass were brushed or antiqued....as I am a hardware fanatic. Not a bad looking bag, and for the price...let's say its about $100 lower than some of their other new bags and it seems to be worth the money. I wouldn't pay in the $600 range for it......
  3. I think it's a pretty purse that is not too fussy. Some designers I feel embellish too much (Kooba is also guilty of this). I would love to see modelling pics though to guage the size.

    Compass: I also wonder on the hardware choice because I prefer brushed hardware. There's always this antique element of brushed hardware.
  4. How do you think that it closes? Zipper? Magnetic snap?
  5. It is very similar in size (by measurements) to another bag that I had and LOVED! But I am not familiar with this product and have limited options to see them in person before making a decision.
  6. I'm really not that in love with it, honestly..I think the strap across the front with the buckle seems just too utilitarian..I wish it had softer details.