Opinions on the French Wallet?

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  1. I would like your opinions on the French Wallet (the one with the coin clasp). It's such a cute wallet, but do you ever feel this wallet is a bit bulky or is it ever hard to take bills out?
  2. i find it very cute! although it might be a little difficult to close the coin compartment if you have too many coins, which was the reason my mom chose the Koala wallet over this. but the bill compartment is not difficult to manage at all
  3. When I played around with it at LV, the kisslock was a tad difficult to open, but I'm sure over time it'll open no problem.
  4. even though i can't put all my credit cards in the slots because it makes getting the bills difficult...i love my french azur wallet...since its fairly new the clasp is a little bit hard to open but i love it still...love the color and the way it fits in my small hands...not bulky at all :yes:
  5. I got rid of mine because it wasn't big enough for all the things I have in my wallet. It's very elegant looking wallet though. If you don't have much to put in it (ID, CCs, a few receipts, etc.), you should be fine.
  6. i love mine! the kiss lock wasn't difficult to open (at least i don't remember it being difficult) and it fits everything i need. i don't have many credit cards.

    sometimes i do have trouble putting money in, but it doesn't bother me enough to really care.

    hope this helps!
  7. I love mine too... it is the best wallet I have ever owned!
  8. ITA... with Irene, I had the french wallet it was elegant, but not practical.
    Favorites are zippy wallet, koala, pm plat, and koala coin... eeehh... forget it...
    I have a weakness for wallets!:blush:
  9. I happen to like a Vernis French wallet...it looks big, but it can't hold much?????
  10. My friend has one of these..it's cute but seems like such a hassle to get the coins out quickly.
  11. It's HOT! lol but I'm still waiting for LV to change their Vernis FPs into the mono kind, ie with 8 CC slots!!!
  12. The french purse is really elegant and is a good size for almost any purse. I am waiting for the eight credit card epi leather version. I hope they make one this year.
  13. The french purse is an beautiful wallet, I really like the new mono style with 8 credit cards shown by evilsuemai. I returned an Epi french purse in black because it was too difficult to get in and out of the zippered compartment in my Vavin GM and I was afraid I would wear the leather on the edges over time.
  14. I think the french wallet is super cute!!! Waiting for the mc version with 8 cc slots~