Opinions on the First

  1. Does anyone here own the First and if you do, do you find it to be small? Some pictures would be very helpful.
  2. Gemruby, *many* of us own Firsts: you will find tons of pictures here: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-style-reference/the-balenciaga-first-139403.html.
    I would not say that it is a particularly roomy bag, I use it when I want to be really light with my luggage, but usually prefer my City, which is roomier.
  3. I find the first to be pretty roomy, but I like small bags. I can fit the money wallet in it, my sunglasses in their case, my cell phone, and a wristlet in it with no problem. But that is all the stuff I ever carry with me when I go out.
  4. The first is my favorite b'bag -- I love the look of the larger bags on other people, but they're just not for me. It pretty much depends on how much stuff you need to put in there. Good luck!
  5. I find the first a perfect size for a small bag...
  6. I am loving the First more and more. I have a Blue Glacier First, and a Marigold on the way in August(ish). It is small and I find I have to get down to my essentials to carry it (especially as I don't like the look of it when it's stuffed full), but I am able to fit everything I need in there with no problem. On the average day, mine contains large Prada sunglasses, an 80gb iPod Video, a small digital camera, a Money wallet, a pillbox, my cellphone, keys and a coin purse with lipstick, perfume, nail file, comb and Purell.


    For reference, I'm 4'11". I think the First is an excellent size for petite women. :yes:
  7. The bag looks great on you. On a regular basis I carry a chanel sunglasses case, two small coach wristlets, a medium coach wristlet with my camera in it, my wallet, and my coach makeup case. I hope this can all fit in a First maybe minus the makeup case.
  8. I'm not sure all of that will fit. Definitely not the makeup case. It sounds like the City would be a better size for you.
  9. if you can buy one big bag and one small i do not own a balencaga yet but i do have bags the size of a city and a first the bag that is the size of a city is big and some times i feel like a small bag so im saving for when i can get both but thats just me
  10. I don't normally carry an awful lot with me, but I use my Cities ALOT more than I use my First. I still love my little Vert, but it doesn't take alot for the First to look 'overstuffed' and I prefer bbags when they're slouchier.
  11. I've only got one First, which I tend to use in the evenings, when I don't need to take so much with me. It's a lovely small bag, but for everyday at work I tend to use a City bag. They are just great.
  12. I have an Ocean Brief, and I was trying to get something a little smaller, but it sounds like the City is the way to go.
  13. I remember when I got my Bordeaux First in the mail- I thought "Whoa, this bag is way too small for me" but you know what? I like it, especially when I'm out shopping or to dinner and all I need to carry is my wallet, my keys, my glasses and some lip gloss. And I have room left over, it's not stuffed. It fits more than you think.
  14. i got a few firsts, but i ended up with one.
    i don't really use it that much cause i carry a lot of things :p