Opinions on the F+C Mid City Tote?

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  1. I don't hear too much about F+C on TPF, any opinions on the mid city tote? I haven't been able to see one IRL so would appreciate any comments on the quality and durability of F+C bags!

    I've been looking for a navy blue bag and came across the mid city tote in dusk, which looks like a lovely shade of blue


    i'm thinking about getting it soon and with the revolve 30% off for first-time customers it would end up being $310. worth it??

    thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I've owned a Foley + Corinna City Clutch in the past, and wasn't terribly impressed by the quality of it at all, even though I got it for under US$200. The edges of their bags tend to be unfinished, and the construction and materials don't make it seem all that worthwhile, TBQH. The stitching on the inside of the bag, attaching the leather label to the lining, also started coming undone after a few weeks of use.

    Personally, I wouldn't regard US$310 as worth it for an F+C bag. I'd also try to see one of these bags in person first before deciding whether or not the quality is worthwhile and if the bag is really for you, IMHO. Do try searching for F+C on tPF too, as there have been other similar threads where similar opinions were also voiced by other members. HTH! :smile:
  3. I had a Mid City Mini that I loved. It was in Tobacco and it was so beautifully distressed. I likened it to Bal Leather. Now that means it was a bit on the thin leathered side but I had no trouble with wear. It was a very comfortable bag to carry. Casual and comfy. It wasn't a high end bag tho and there was some "rawness" to it and I think the quality lacked in the handle area. But all in all I remembered it fondly. I'd pack it up and it would be so soft and pouchy. It just had a cool casual vibe.
    I also got mine on a deep discount which made it more worth it. I don't think I'd ever pay full price.
  4. I only have one F&C bag and it looks cute, but the quality is pretty bad. The edges are coming apart because it was badly sewn to begin with. I don't consider their bags to be "cheap" per se, so I would really expect the quality to be better for the price.
  5. I have never owned one, but it looks cute. If the quality is bad though I would skip it.
  6. I bought one several weeks ago and have nothing but love for it so far. As someone stated above though, I also got mine at a very deep discount, which made it more worth it. Look on *bay and see what you find there! HTH!
  7. I love the look of the City Totes but they are way overpriced imo. I still have two though (and don't plan to part with either) but both were purchased greatly discounted. Some of the leathers are fantastic looking it appears.
  8. Glad I searched the forum before dishing out 395 for one at Piperlime - but - scream - I love love love it!!! But I guess I should save my money for something more worthwhile!
  9. I wasn't very impressed with the F + C bags that I initially saw. The leather of the earlier Mid City Totes was thin and the sewing on the edges wasn't great, but I am noticing a definite improvement in the quality of the bags this season. The leather is much finer, and I am loving the colors that I have seen.
  10. I bought my mid-city tote back when it was still being sold as an "Anna Corinna" bag and not a F + C bag. I love my bag but the quality of the leather since my first purchase has dropped. I've been wanting another one in a different color but the leather is so much thinner and cheaper-looking that I never pulled a trigger for another one. So no, I don't think it's worth it.
  11. I own a mni city tote which is discontinued.
    I LOVE it. The strap is a bit thin but the leather is nice.
    It's not thick but I like it.
    I want to get a navy one in mid city tote but don't want to pay 395 for it ; )
    I wish one would go on sale. lol
  12. I have a F&C Jr. Jetsetter. My leather interior tag also started to come off after about 1 month. The quality is okay. The hardware was good quality though. It was shiny gold and stayed looking brand new. It never tarnished, scratched etc. I would only buy it at 50% off or more though.
  13. Back when the mini city tote was around, I seriously wanted one. I do LOVE the design. However, like other people are saying the quality was too lacking for me to ever buy one. I do NOT like raw edges on any bag - and that in itself is a personal preference that has kept me away from other brands as well - but I just thought it looked cheap.

    I did read that they're coming out with a "Lady City" tote, which might sized about what the Mini City was. That's tempting, but they have GOT to change those raw edges before I buy...