Opinions on the Epi Soufflot please

  1. I need a black purse for the fall. All of my bags are in the brown family and I tend to wear a lot of black in the winter. I'm thinking of getting the Epi Soufflot this weekend before the price increase. I have never seen the bag in person---what do you guys think of this bag. Also what other black bags do you recommend under $1200.
  2. I have it in mandarin, and I love it. It holds quite a bit.
  3. I LOVE IT! Originally last year I went to buy the bag and bought the Jasmin instead. I'm having a lot of issues deciding on a new purse(I love them all) but this is one of my considerations.
    It's a big bag..probably the size of the pap 30 I would say?
    It's rigid too, so it doesnt have the give that a pap does under your arm.
    Its a nice roomy bag..Personally I think it's perfect for winter.
  4. Thanks, I want to run to the store now and get it :wlae:
  5. I've seen the Soufflot but never tried it on. It looks cute. I'd also recommend checking out the epi jasmin. :smile:
  6. 1 :heart: :heart: my Jasmin.. It's great.
  7. I don't have one but I think this handbag is unique and classy. It is on my Christmas wish list... Go for it....
  8. I love the Jasmin too, but I don't want another hand held purse---I want something I can put over my shoulders.
  9. Thats the same trouble i'm having.. I keep buying large hand held bags and i want something to go over my shoulders. My speedy gets uber heavy with stuff lol
  10. I can definitely understand that, that's why I bought the Saleya as my 2nd bag. :smile: Sounds like you like the Soufflot, so go for it!!
  11. I have a friend who has a black soufflot and she uses it ALL the time. She says it fits a lot. I personally like it in mandarin but that's just a question of taste. If you like and need black, then I say go for it. I think the shape is really cute.
  12. fabulous bag. I would take one in a heartbeat... it's on my wish list too...

    go for it...
  13. It can actually fit a lot - one of thse deceptive ones - but the only thing I don't like about it is the stiff opening...I like my bag's zippers to have a lot of give and soft at the same time so it's easier for me to get my things in and out of the purse without the stiff zipper teeth rubbing against my hand each time.

    Having said that, it's still a beauty and worthwhile adding to your purse collection.

    But if yoou wear a lot of black in the fall/winter season, I would recommend another color for your purse so it stands out against your black clothes. That's the best way to get people to notice your new bag - color contrast :smile: Hope this helps.
  14. i have a black soufflot and i really like it. it can be worn on the shoulder but because it's kind of rigid and so round it's a bit awkward. also when you put it down on a counter/table etc, you just have to make sure it doesn't roll away on you. but it can hold a lot, won't sag and is definitely an eye catching bag. plus the mini bag you get with it is adorable.
  15. Thank you all, I can't wait to go try it on and if I like it--bring it home.