Opinions on the epi Monceau

  1. I'm looking for a small, structured work bag with shoulder strap and looking at the pics on louisvuitton.com, the black epi Monceau looks perfect for my needs. I have bigger bags for laptop & files, so this is really only for agenda, wallet and the essentials (to use as shoulder bag to business meetings & lunch).

    Does anyone have this bag? How much does it hold? Is it practical, or would you suggest anything else? I would appreciate any input since I haven't seen it irl.
  2. I saw it IRL and it is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really gorgeous and elegant I think the size is very much ok for the things u wanna use it for
    I would say go for it, if you check in let-trade.com and look at the things they sold they have sold some mono monceau
    there u can get an idea of the size etc etc
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  3. I think it also comes with a set of keys for the s-lock like in the trunks
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  4. Thanks! Sounds good, I'll check. Elegant & to die for -thats exactly what I want, lol ;)
  5. It is definitely classy and gorgeous... it's also a head turner!!! :tup:
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  6. Stunning, and a perfect choice for what you need. A real powerbag to carry into meetings, you'll look a killer in it!!! :drool:
  7. Ooh, go get it- it's gorgeous!