Opinions on the Elvire hobo please?

  1. Does anyone have the elvire hobo? Do you love it? I am looking at the black hobo on Bluefly. Is the larger strap detachable?
  2. and neither strap is detachable but that doesn't bother me one bit!

    They should be going on sale again at NM an Nordies for at least 30% this weekend which is better than the bluefly price.

    The Patent is TDF!
  3. Mona, I looove your patent Elvire but I already have a black patent bag. I was looking at the plain leather one. Do you like the Elvire in regular leather?
  4. I haven't seen it IRL but I do love the style if thats any help!
  5. Mona, with my bluefly coupon code, I can get the black leather hobo for about $1000.... do you think it'll go for much cheaper after thansgiving? I haven't seen the black leather one online anyplace else, and I don't want to lose the one on BF if it's not available elsewhere...
  6. Hmmmm I think you can get it for cheaper from NM. Mine was originally $1565 ad after the discount I got it for $1067. So yours should be at less than that! Its a risk I guess....but maybe I can ask Lisa Hamlin for you tomorrow! She'll know for sure! Bluefly had the black for a week now!
  7. I think there was a regular leather one on sale TODAY only for around $900 at Saks.com. I was bleary eyed at 3am last night and saw the special online only sale email and had first dibs on everything. Alas - there was nothing for me to buy!
  8. Yeah but the one online is not black!