Opinions on the color of this bag

  1. I bought this off eBay. The seller said it was blue..I think it's black. I have taken some pics with my Ali to compare the color of the black leather on the ali to this bag. Thanks
  2. it looks black to me. :shrugs:
  3. Black to me too.
  4. me too. They claim it's navy. Did they make a blue bleecker bag besides the Ink which I don't consider "navy"?
  5. Yep, I'd say it's black.
  6. not that I know of.. just the ink. :yes:
  7. I have the ink duffle and it's not that dark, that's black!:yes:
  8. Thank you! That's exactly what I said and the seller is saying to look at it in the sunlight. I don't want a black bag, I want blue. I've already started the paypal process since they seem unwilling to cooperate.
  9. Give me a few minutes and I'll take a picture of the ink for you.
  10. That's definitely black, I always thought Ink was very obviously blue.
  11. That is SO black. The ink while dark has a definite deep blue hue to it.
  12. I agree! I just looked at the large flaps again this weekend, then came home to this "blue"....so mad!
  13. the ink you can tell is blue. That is not blue, that's just a color blind seller.
  14. Ok, unfortunately it's not really showing it's true color in the pic. I took it into different rooms to get the best lighting for you but I have to say IRL you can tell this bag is blue NOT black. If you would like more pics in day light, pm me and I'll take a few pics for you tomorrow.

  15. Nope...this is definitely black, not ink. I just saw the ink bags at the outlet on the weekend and tried on the duffle because I was thinking of buying it. This is not the ink. It looks like the coal black color to me.