opinions on the Cluny MM

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  1. Hi. Posted in the Clubhouse but I don't know how active it is in there. Is that a sign?? Wondering what everyone thinks of this Cluny MM? I am most interested in views of the Epi Noir version but open to all feedback. Thanks!
  2. I have the epi Anthracite Cluny MM. I do still love it, but with this color I mostly wear it in the fall and winter. It's a great size, light weight, I love how well it sits on my shoulder (I don't like bags that constantly fall off of my shoulder), love that it has feet, love it can be with casual clothes or dressy. The magnetic opening is pretty strong which is good and bad. Sometimes it seems harder to get into than other times, but the good part is that means my things are pretty secure inside. It's been out for awhile now and they really haven't came out with any new epi colors for this wonderful bag in awhile, so I wonder if they'll be discontinuing it soon? Anyhow, i've had no regrets buying mine and I guess it'll be 2 yrs old this December.
  3. Hi, I have the Cluny MM and I like it. It can store quite a bit. The thing that annoys me is the strap always slides off my shoulder but this is the same for all the lv bags with wide straps.
    Is there anything particular u want to see or know about the bag ?

  4. love2learn thank you! you answered everything I could have thought to ask. I am looking for an all weather sort of bag for the fall/winter. I wondered if it might be too dressy for casual attire but it sounds like you would not think that, which is good news. Thank you again for taking the time to cover so much! :smile:. Pam
  5. Hi thanks! Do you think this size bag would work with a cross body strap?
  6. I have the MM in epi Coquelicot and I really like it. I am considering one in Mono as well but I was wondering if there are problem with the handle being all vacchetta, i.e: softening quickly, etc. Otherwise it's a great bag to wear by hand or on the shoulder, very comfortable. I am not sure of the MM worn crossbody, unless you are tall
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  7. Probably not. It's a bit too big.
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  8. I have one in blueberry epi, and @love2learn touched on everything I would have. I mostly bought it because of the color and durability. Some people say it looks a bit too office-y or professional, but I only ever wear mine with jeans, so I think it's more versatile than people give it credit for.

    I generally prefer crossbody, but shoulder strap works fine for me on this one. I agree it's too big for a crossbody.
  9. thx so much Anabel Lee. I appreciate your feedback so much! I want to be able to wear it with casual wear. This shoulder strap looks like it would work nicely and not hang too long were I to opt for handheld. I know some say the shoulder strap does not stay in place but it looks like the strap drop is long enough. ty again~!
  10. IMG_1504973545.904358.jpg

    I purchased mine in December 2016 and I had not carried it to much but lately I've fallen in love with it again and the amount that it holds and the fact that there's a large zippered compartment inside.

    I like to change out bags regularly but I'm really liking this one and I'm gonna have to force myself to carry another . The magnet is strong and can be a struggle but that is the absolutely only con to this lovely bag!
  11. can you wear it like a birkin? With your whole wrist in the handle? Or must you hand carry it in your palm? ( I know i can carry it on my shoulders with strap but am wondering if i can just hang it on my wrist or arm and just take out the straps)
  12. Yes, the handle easily fits over my hand and arm. I don't think I could go to the elbow, but I often carry mine without the strap and just loop the handle over my wrist.
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  13. I have the Cluny MM in mono, it is very pretty and I just carried it last weekend. I'm wondering if they will be discontinuing this size, as it doesn't seem to be as popular as the BB size. The BB size is a cuter look, but the MM obviously holds more and can work more as a daily bag.
  14. Monogram MM. Absolutely LOVE IT.
  15. IMG_4156.jpg IMG_4155.jpg
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