Opinions on the chocolate bayswater with the leaves pattern

  1. Anyone got this bag? or got any pictures of it? If you've seen it IRL what did you think?
  2. They have this one at Bicester. I saw it IRL in a shop in St Albans the other day and I was not that keen. I think the variations of the Bayswater are ok but the only one I loved was the tooled one with the western flower style design. This one is nice but a little 'gimmicky' kind of, it is not classic looking at all and I think you would get really fed up of it.
  3. I have it and love it. It's my playful serious work bag (if that makes any sense). In the US, not too many people are aware of the Mulberry brand and this bag always draws comments.
  4. Could you post a piccie of the bag? Do you use it year round or just for winter. I think it kind of cries out 'autumn' because of the leaves !
  5. Jo, are you still hunting that chocolate Bayswater??? I'm probably off to the factory shop today so I'll have a look for you.....
  6. Yes!!!! I'm phoning 2-3 times a week but no luck so far!!
  7. I saw the choc Bayswater with leaves on Sat and I have to say I wasn't keen (sorry to the person who has one!).

    I think the Bayswater looks best as a plain, classic bag and for me this spoilt that simplicity.

    Hang in there - they will get a plain choc one in the outlet stores eventually.
  8. Hi Jo, I've just been down to Shepton and I saw the Bayswater with the leaves. Now I'm usually not one for bags with bits on but I actually really liked this one. It's quite understated, there's an oak leaf at an angle on each side of the flap fastening, so up at the top of the bag.
    They had it next to the choc with oak stripe and that I really didn't like.
    If you're unsure I'd hold out for the plain choc but I have to say the leaf one was nice although I'm not sure it is as classic as the plain.
    They had the plain in claret red which was absolutely gorgeous but I'm a girl who loves red and orange!
    Talking of which I'm about to take pics of what I came away with....
  9. Found a picture of it. I've seen it in the Mulberry shop personally. I quite like it : )

    Hope this pic helps in your decision making.
    MLB Bayswater 9.jpg
  10. Hi!
    I have the Bayswater in Chocolate and I love it. I must say that I do think that the leaves adds a playful touch! I like it!
  11. Wow! I've never seen a Bayswater that looked like this. Thanks for posting this picture.:cutesy:
  12. Ooooh, I've always liked the look of this bag but have never seen it IRL. I might get it if the store still has it when i phone tomorrow!!!
  13. Phoned today and it is £416. I'm in 2 minds but I think I might hold out for a plain chocolate one still. Ooh wish i could afford both!!!

  14. If you're in two minds then def don't buy! That's a lot of money and the plain one will be cheaper. Hold out for the plain chocolate one that you will really love rather than compromising....
  15. It looks very cowgirl like to me. I would get tired of it quickly. The pattern makes it casual and folksy -- instead of the simple sophistication of the plain bayswater.