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  1. What does everyone think of the new Catenita Platform Slingbacks?
    I just saw them on Saks.com and Im not much of a fan. I like the hidden platform on the numero Prive much better.
    What do you think??
    Catenita...(Pics From Saks)
    Classic Slingback...(Pic is from NM, new Glitter Color :yahoo:)
  2. I prefer the original Numero Prive, but I would still try on this new version just to see how it looks on the foot. I have often times disliked a CL shoe on display/photo but changed my mind once I actually tried it on.
  3. I don't know if I could walk on two platforms at once.

    I love the pink minibouts, but I would only wear them once a year, probably.

    BTW - the black minibouts are $660 for pre-ordering at NM.
  4. Your right actually...Thats how I felt on the Leopard Sabotage...I hated the way they looked until I tried them on.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pink ones!
    But I actually just Pre-Ordered the black Minibouts. Not a bad price considering how much they have gone up lately.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the price for the minibout zep on NM.com is $660 whereas on Saks.com it is $760.
    I just ordered the pink minibout zeps from NM.com, and I hope that this doesn't end up being another NM.com pricing fiasco like the $280 suede yoyos.
    Although I am still not sure how I feel about the minibout zeps, I just picked them up in nude and not 100% in love. I think that the nude kidskin leather washes me out. Pink will be so much fun for Easter!
  6. I like the pink!! The black glitter might be fun,too!
  7. i think the catenitas would look much better on but since it's really just an extension of the prive/yoyo, i don't think i'll be buying (until someone posts a great modelling pic on tpf, in which case i might not be able to resist).
  8. CL Madison Ave said that they are getting in a bubblegum pink patent simple pump for spring.
  9. Wow no one has voted for the new Catenita slings. I personally like the double platform but the classic single platform looks more classy to me. The double platform is a fun twist to the classic but it makes the shoe look more casual to me. I think it's harder to dress up the double platform.

  10. Kamilla - I bought my minis at saks the beginning of Dec, they were $660.00, a few days after I purchased them they went up $100.00... so strange for such a small amount of time :confused1:
  11. I think the Catenita sling is lovely, I also heard from my faithful SA that next summer they will be putting out double platform's, with a 160 mm heel :nuts::nuts: save your pennies girls, so much new stuff to come:woohoo:
  12. My my, 160 mm. If you can work it, go for it...I definitely can't. :push:
  13. Priiin and I discusssed this shoe right after it came out. I too was not sure @ the double platform but I LOVE the cork color and think it would go with tons. I would very much like to see a pic on. I just need to see how the platform would look.
  14. Yeah I would end up in the ER.:nogood:
  15. Me too..hehe
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