Opinions on the Candy Check Collection

  1. Hello, everyone :smile: I'm normally a lurker on the LV forum but recently my interest in Burberry has been rekindled and I was wondering if any Burberry lovers could help me with a few questions that I have. I've never owned anything Burberry before (although I love going into the boutique), I've been an LV girl for some time.

    I'm lusting for the:

    Barrel Bag

    Square Candy Check

    and compact wallet (the only place I can find it online right now is eBay)

    So if anyone owns anything from Burberry that's the same material, I was just curious as to how it's held up and what not. Any input is appreciated seeing as I'm a total Burberry newbie. :p
  2. [​IMG]

    mine is very good quality for everyday, for cleaning just soap and water

    my "old" sneaker shoes LOL washed in the wash machine LOL
    nice with a clear jeans and a white Tshirt for a casual look
  3. I love the candy check.
  4. I like how practical your stuff is :yes: If I get any of these items they're definitely going to be for everyday use. Although they won't be battered around that severely seeing as I've grown accustomed to doing things like laying a napkin down for my purse. Not to mention I never let my purses sit on the ground :p Hehe I'm a little purse crazy though so that's why :shame:

  5. Me too! That's why I was hoping someone here would post things that they own from this collection but we'll see.. :whistle:
  6. I know nothing about Burberry styles, but I did just see that pink barrel bag (and I think wallet too) at the Burberry outlet near me. They also had baby blue. They had a variety of styles in both of those prints - very cute. I was surprised their outlet prices weren't much better, but then I don't know the line, so maybe they were great.

    i considered buying a couple to sell on eBay, but I don't know the market well enough to know what they would sell for.
  7. Personally not crazy about the candy check- much prefer the classic or nova check.
  8. I have the baby blue watch & love it!
  9. I have this Candy Check Pink Clutch and I think its cute, great if you're just running out shopping and want to carry something small!
    burberry candy check clutch.jpg
  10. PS, How do you get the pictures to appear in your message, I only know how to attach a jpeg using the paperclip.
  11. I really like the blue candy check!
  12. Well, I bought a blue candy check umbrella for myself yesterday. It is SO cute!
  13. The watch is available at Costco (at least the one near me). I would try to get the tote or wallet at the Burberry outlet or on sale. My friend has the pink candy check alma bag and it does not look like a $700+ bag (she got if for less at the outlet). It looks quite cheap up close but the color is cute.
  14. I like them, the first bag is hot !
  15. I've had the big shoulder bag and wallet for a year in pink and I love it. I just wipe it clean. I get so many compliments on it in the spring and summer. I have other Burberry also but the pink is my fav.