opinions on the cambon craze?

  1. how do you feel on the cambon craze? dosent it feel like everyone and there mom is buying one? does that deter you from purchasing one now..b/c you dont want to look like everyone else? do you feel it takes away from the prestige of owning a chanel, now that people who wouldnt have been able "to afford one"are now able to b/c of the sale (no off to anyone).

    I remember when they first came out, not too many people had them and then they had a price increase and then i rarely seen anyone with them and now im sure its going to be one cambon after another around the corner..:lol:

    ps. Im really quite disgusted with some of the
    power sellers on ebay price gouging on the cambon pieces..do they really think people are stupid and didnt realize that they went on sale..yet they continue to charge CLOSE TO RETAIL, if not more, for the bags.. talk about greedy and that is why i hate ebay. These sellers scower the stores during sale season, buy everything in every size and color and then go on ebay to sell it....UGH
  2. There might be a cambon craze right now due to the sale, but only a couple of colors are on sale...so your limited on color choice. To be honest, I never see anyone with a cambon bag...other than myself. I see LV's all over the place and fake ones at that. Cambons are also very expensive...in my opinion and I think more people buy LV's. I don't think Chanel will ever loose it's prestige.

    About the resellers...it disgusts me also. I would love a reporter bag, but I will never buy one off ebay. It's like a frenzy for the resellers to buy them and resale them for a huge profit. I don't even look for Chanel on ebay. It's hardly ever that much below retail anyway.
  3. It does seem like everyone is going nuts and buying tons of cambons (I just bought two myself). I barely see them though and I live in downtown Chicago wear you see a lot of snazzy handbags. I don't know anyone else, beside the PF ladies, that are "bag happy" :P and we are spread across the world. I highly doubt we are going to see cambons as often as we see LVs.

    What does everyone else think?
  4. I agree...I see sooooooooo many LV's, real and fake. My relatives have all the fake LV's and I can't tell!

    That's why I joined and bought the beige tote...haven't seen anyone in SF Embarcardero with Chanel!
  5. Ever since the pinks went on sale, I stopped carrying mine (as much) and favor my black w/white combo instead -and mostly to run errands only.

    When I go out I'll carry either my classic flap or medallion tote because those aren't as common.

    It's funny, my BF was saying the exact same thing about how everyone and their mom's are gonna be owning a cambon because it's so cheap now (or more affordable for a Chanel piece).

    I dunno..
    I'm getting kind of worried because I ordered the large beige one too and I know I'll love it when it gets here but I'm kind of hesitant because I don't want nor do I like carrying a bag that becomes "common." If anything, at least I'll have the bag to add to my Chanel collection, which is more of a priority than carrying the bags out anyway~
  6. ditto, i rarely see cambons. so it's a pleasant surprise when i do see one. :smile:
  7. i'm in sydney
    i hardly see anyone carrying it
    so i'm not worried at all.
    my first love is LV
    i can handle seeing it everywhere
    so doens't bother me very much. i rather see ppl carry more real than fake stuff IMO
  8. There are plenty of nice things out there that are "common" but does that mean you won't want to have any of those things or that those things have lost value? That is just plain silly! There are many people out there with diamonds....so should I pack mine away or only wear them infrequently? What about BMWs....everyone and their mother, and father, and uncle...owns one....so stop driving yours? I know LV is everywhere, but I still lug my bags around...and I'll do the same with the cambon bags, even if they become "common". Enjoy your bags ladies!!! :upsidedown:
  9. Here here...can't help it if we all have great taste!:roflmfao:
  10. When I got my first cambon, nobody had it...which was nice b/c I chose a Chanel b/c everyone had LV! Now I see sooo many fakes of cambon around, but they are all ghastly!
  11. I've had my cambon for a couple years now, and although it's beige (and on sale now) I really don't care. I hardly see ppls with them here ne ways, so it's still just as special.
  12. i don't everyone will have them...they're still expensive IMO. the bag i bought was still over $700, so while that is a great buy for us, most people wouldn't exactly call it a bargain
  13. Well...I don't mind that actually. Like LV, still lots of ppl buy it even though there are so many fakes out there. If you like it, then get it. Actually I don't see that many reporters bags around in bay area though.
  14. haha- I never see any Chanel bags period! Where I live, everyone is logo-ed out and think "why would I pay 5x as much for a Chanel if I could get a Coach with tons more logos!" As you can probably guess from my screenname, I do live in the live in the valley where taste is in short supply.
  15. ^^ i went to ucdavis for awhile. what part of sac are you living in LOL cuz i saw alot of chanel and real lv bags around.