Opinions on The Box?

  1. Seems like most of you here do not like The Box, just wondering what your thoughts are on it? I have a caramel one and I really like it, but it is the first Balenciaga that I have owned. My ink Twiggy is on it's way (should have it tomorrow) and I know I will like it too, but was just curious how you feel about the box and why? (Speak your mind, it won't hurt my feelings, I promise.)

  2. I love the box, I think it's a great size .. and who says everybody doesn't like the box.. I never read that anywhere.. :noworry:
  3. i have a Box and it's GREAT! :idea: it fits all of my stuff and it's roomy too. at first, i thought i wouldn't like it all, cos i had my heart set on a First. but the Box is so much bigger than a First. love it!!
  4. I have a box and I love it! I can fit so much stuff into it, plus not too many people seem to have it (everyone seems to have a City), so I like that mine looks a little different than most of the Bbags I see.
  5. I love my Box in silver metallic. Before seeing it in person, I too questioned it, mainly its size because I feared it was too small. My first Bal bag was a City and while I love it, all of my stuff gets lost and I find myself digging around for items most of the time. Whereas with the box, it holds a lot, and keeps it better organized. It's roomier than I thought it would be but not too big. I really really love it and highly recommend it. I am lusting after a black one now.
  6. Second that!
  7. As far as why I thought that, well there was a thread a while back, someone was asking "should I get the box or a twiggy" and almost every single person said "definitely twiggy." And I read a different post from someone saying they had wanted a box, but after reading this board they decided to get a twiggy. Also, it didn't seem like many people here owned The Box. So those are my reasons for thinking that. I love mine too!
  8. I dont own a box, but I think they look nice. Personally, I do find I like the twiggy better. I just purchased an indigo and shoud have it in a couple of days. Im sure there must be lots of box lovers though.
  9. and i should add that the box is not copied as much as the city or first..
  10. The box is cute in a lot of colors, like magenta, etc... but I personally feel like I dwarf the bag. I am so accustomed to big bags now that when I try on a little bag, I feel like a giant!
  11. I've been thinking of getting one. For me, the size is just about right.
  12. The box and twiggy are both nice. One day I would love to purchase one of those!
  13. i've never seen (in real life) a BOX before therefore i dont hate it or like it... but from what i've seen in pics its quite cute looking - but it wont hold all my stuff!
  14. My thinking was for a little more $$$ I could get a Twiggy which is larger. I do like the Box though.
  15. I went a month or so ago assuming I'd get a twiggy, but I ended up liking the box better. Its the perfect size, not to small, not to big. I was with a friend & my bf and trying on all the styles they also thought the box looked the best on me. I think it just depends. The other styles are totally cute too, and maybe one day I'll get a different shape, but right now I'm really really happy with my box!
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