Opinions on the Botkier Trigger?

  1. I've been toying with the idea of buying one on eBay. Should I be wary of fakes?

    Also, what are your opinions about this bag? Is it "dated"?

  2. I still like them. They've certainly been around for awhile, but I do not think they are dated and I would still buy or carry one.

    However, I'd be VERY careful of fakes on eBay. I'm pretty sure fakes are rampant for this style.
  3. I have toyed with the idea of buying one many times. I like them. I didn't know these were faked, but anything's possible! Post in the Authenticate This thread before you bid if you're worried about it.
  4. I like. People who keep on on bags may think they are dated. But most people will not.
  5. I love the style of this bag...much better than the newer Botkier styles. Get what you like, but be very careful on eBay.
  6. I've been thinking about getting one too! I think I saw fakes in NYC, but the leather on the original and the hardware is much nicer. Also, the real bag is pretty heavy from what I remember.
  7. I have had mine for YEARS and I love it now just as much as then. It's still in rotations and is one of my favorites.
  8. Bag Borrow or Steal has several Trigger bags for sale in their Outlet section. They are under $400 and are totally legit!
  9. You know, I didn't pull mine out for awhile because I figured it was dated, but every time I see someone carrying one, it looks great. It's got elements that are still being ripped off by other lines and it's one of the most functional designs ever. I think it's a classic - I'm pulling mine out of the closet.
  10. I have 2 triggers and will never part with them. They are both the large size and they are just so versatile.
  11. I like the Trigger. That was the bag that first drew me to the Botkier line. I especially love the two-toned Trigger photo I saw in some thread around here.
  12. I like this bag better than some of the newer Botkiers. And I agree that people who aren't into purses would never think it's dated. I don't have one but would be maybe concerned about the weight.
  13. This is the only Botkier I like -- I have it in metallic pearl from the original line before they shipped production overseas. The leather is incredibly lovely and the whole bag is super durable and easy to carry on my shoulder. I love it so much and was happy to pull it out of my closet last week for the first time this year.


  14. Oh and they aren't so much "faked" as they are "inspired." My friend has an inspired version (the word "botkier" is not on the bag) and the leather is very thin and it's overall kind of cheap-looking.
  15. I have a black trigger from the first year it was in production. The leather is super buttery soft and it still looks brand new. I absolutely love this bag and still wear it. I do tend to sell off bags when I'm bored with them, but I will never part with this one.