Opinions on the Black Metallic Reissue

  1. Sorry, another bag buying dilemma here....
    I was soooo close to buy a black jumbo caviar yesterday but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.... I like it on somebody else but it's just too traditional and not my style for me.
    After seen pictures of it, I really like the Black Metallic Reissue in the bigger size, the medium one too... but...do you consider the Black Metallic Reissue a dressy/evening bag or an everyday bag?
  2. I love my metallic black size 227 so much so that I use it very often. It can be used daily because it's really roomy and of course, it's chic. It can be used in the evening for it's subtle sheen, not as shinny as that of the patent leather. So, to conclude, you won't regret if you pick one. :tup:

    Hope you can decide very soon. :girlsigh:

  3. i think the metallic black reissue works well as a daytime bag AND as an evening bag. Its a great daytime bag particularly in the larger sizes!
  4. I think the black metallic in a larger size is a great everyday bag, not too dressy!
  5. I think the metallic black reissue in a larger size (like 227), is a really cool, edgy, but still classic flap you could definitely rock day or night!! :heart: I have it in the 226 size, but I love the 227 as well... and if you need more room, the 227 is a great option! :tup:
  6. Met Blk 226 can be both dressy and casual. I love that size!
  7. Thanks for your input, I really do like it quite a bit...
  8. i agree with the girls...you NEED to get one soon before it sells out.
  9. I love my 227 and use it almost everyday.. It is roomy, beautiful and not over the top. For evening, it might be a bit large, but works well, nonetheless.
  10. met in med/large sounds good for both day and night. :smile:
  11. I love my 227, i don't use it everyday, but it's great for either night or day. And plenty of room.
  12. metallic black from what I've seen can definitely be dressy and casual! one word: Chic! I'm currently considering whether I should give up my white anniversary edition reissue to fund this one in a 227 size... decisions decisions aye?... good luck!
  13. what size is your white? do you use it often?
  14. i'm not a fan of the metallics, i love classics, they'll always be in style and timeless. besides, classics are gonna be increased in prices greatly!

  15. 226 is the perfect size :smile: