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Opinions On The 07' Collection


Dec 15, 2006
Does anyone else think the new 07' collection is amazing? Granted the new hardware was a shock at first, but it grows on you! The colors are TDF and the leather is supposed to be one of the softest. What does everyone else think?

And what's the rumor going on about the 06' leather? Apparently I missed something.

It's time for a new handbag and I was debating on the 06' Camel City, or the 07' Giant Brief. If anyone could help out with the decision, I would be forever grateful.
Nov 24, 2006
So far, I totally love the collection in terms of leather and color. I'm not too happy about the discontinued styles. But I think the colors are lush and rich, and the leather is stunning.

I was just going to get 1 bag -- an Anthracite City -- but now I'm down for a Naturel First as well. The leather is just too beautiful to pass by.