Opinions on Tattoo Magazine Tote

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  1. #1 Jul 21, 2009
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    I was just wondering about the thoughts of TPFers on the Tattoo Magazine Tote #13662. I adore the silver colour, and does not mind about the graphic (I love it actually; I am getting the skinny scarf as well). I just wish, like most other girls, that it wasn't see through! I kind of wanted a crossbody strap as well...

    Ah! What do you all think? I would most likely use it as a school bag, but I am not sure if it'd be practical. Would it make me look foolish during the winter times? Should I spend a bit more and get the resort julianne #12960 or parker leather hippie #13411?

  2. I vote Hippie all the way.
  3. I love the Parker Hippie.
  4. The Parker Hippie is a crowd pleaser, but I also like the trendier Tattoo line. I think if you're okay with having a bag for just a couple of seasons i think the Tattoo would be just fine. And if you're worried about it being see through maybe see if you can find a silver silk pillow to fashion a drawstring bag and you can line the inside of the bag with it to "hid all your stuff."
  5. If you are going to use it as a school bag, I would recomment the Parker. Just because it is all leather, and can take a bit more abuse.
  6. i have both the hippie and tattoo magazine tote...i definitely like the tattoo tote better. it is bigger and holds more (also the "clutch" that comes inside of it is HUGE so you can fit almost everything you need in there aside from books). also, i think the pvc will withstand more abuse (also weather friendly) compared to the thinner leather on the hippie that tends to get a "wrinkled" look to it. the negative is that neither one stands up on their own and neither is very wide (i never carried my actual books with me to class, only a folder and notebooks-so the tattoo tote would be perfect). if you look through my threads there is one on the tattoo tote which has modeling photos in it if that helps.
  7. size wise , I would go with the tote ... as if you are like me .....love the big bags.. as I seem to want to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags !!
  8. How much is the tattoo tote? Is it still in boutiques? I have a 40% to use and I really like that!
  9. i think it was $358...it can still be ordered thru jax, but i know that not all stores got that tote (none of the stores in my area got it, i ordered mine thru jax)
  10. My vote for modern with great space is the resort julianne #12960.

    Don't get me wrong I love the Tattoo line and I have the clutch but I hate the fact that this tote is Plastic I find that tacky...

    What about the Tattoo Canvas Tote is is very roomy and has a good price point....
  11. The canvas tote is the same price as the PVC mag tote, but has no clutch/wristlet thing I don't believe.

    I think $358 is a bit high for the magazine tote... I like it but I won't pay that much!
  12. I am worried about the resell value of the tattoo tote. How much would you guys spend on a second hand one for this style?
  13. If you are already worried about the re-sale value of the bag before you even buy it I'd opt for something else. Chances are this bag will end up in outlets for 1/3 of the original retail value. I know the black canvas was sold out on Coach.com last I checked. That's one of the reasons I got the black, when I called to order they only had less then 1000 but the natural they had like over 3000. I don't think the hippie would be a good book bag, I can't imagine many of my school books fitting in it.

    If you like the tattoo line you are going to be much better off w/ the canvas, otherwise I'd move away from the tattoo line all together!!! Just to let you know, the canvas tattoo bag wears like iron, I live in mine, and I NEVER live in one bag for this amount of time!!!

    Good Luck deciding!!! Keep in mind if it's going to be a school/book bag no matter how much you baby it it's going to take a beating. I wouldn't dream of using my leather Julianne for a book bag. That's JMO!!!

    Maybe go w/ a nice sturdy tote from the outlet so that if it get's beat up a little you won't feel bad about the condition of your bag. I doubt the re-sale value of any of those bags would be that great if it showed any relevant signs of wear!!!
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    Neither of these would be my choice for a book bag. Julianne could work but can you get to an outlet? You can find a larger bag for a good price. You need something that will hold up. The new rugby duffles might work. I'm not sure of the dimensions. Also, those Addisons seem to be on sale a lot. Just a thought.