opinions on taiga billfold

  1. hey all,

    i need a new wallet and came across the taiga 6 cc slot billfold. i have a bit more cc's than the average person, in addition to licenses, etc. what do you guys think about this wallet and are there any other wallets you think would be good for someone with a whole bunch of cards. i'm a guy. :graucho:

    thanks a bunch.
  2. hi hartofalyon! welcome to TPF! :choochoo:

    have you considered something in damier? i think those are gorgeous on guys....although the other guys on this forum may feel differently? i hope they can help you! :drinks:
  3. Hi there! The Taiga is NICE. My dad has one and he loves it..he switches off between that and the monogram billfold, but loves the Taiga one because of all the card slots and subtle logo. :yes:
  4. i love the taiga billfold for men! i bought my bf one not too long ago and he loves it. if you want more cc slots, there is the nine cc slot taiga that john mentioned. but it's a little bit thicker (it has an additional flap inside). if you prefer a thin wallet, then the billfold with six cc slots would be a better option.
  5. can women pull off billfolds? or is that weird?
  6. Taiga is really nice leather that will last a long time...and if all your CCs fit ok, then its a good match. I personally prefer epi...dont really know why...but you might consider an epi billfold before you make your final decision.
  7. If some guys can pull of carrying purses, I don't see why women can't pull off billfolds? :shrugs:
  8. Get the one with the 9cc slots since u have tons of cards, unless ur aim is a slim wallet. I personally own the Taiga 6cc billfold and I luuuuurve it to death :love:. If you put your wallet in ur back pocket of ur pants i think u should test the size of the model u intend to get before you purchase. I find some of the LV men's wallets too huge to fit into my pockets.

    Go for the Taiga! My wallet's been with me for over a mth now and the leather is so nice, i can't stop smelling it every now and then! :p keke...
  9. Of course! A sleek wallet is so much nicer n Zen compared to a tubby overstuffed one anyday. :yes: I'm in the service line and I see women with all designs of LV billfolds (6cc) every other day.
  10. I LOVE that billfold! I got my fiancee one in the Grizzly and also heatstamped his initials on the bottom left in ivory. He loves it so much, and over time it just gets better
  11. I got my husband a black Taiga leather wallet, 9 cc slots, around Christmas. It's elegant and the size is just perfect. He likes it a lot.
  12. I got my DH the book-fold nine cards wallet, he loves it. now he has the 6 keys holder and classic belt(all in taiga leather) in his collection. Haha ;) I trained him well.
  13. Taiga is a beautiful leather!!!