Opinions on Sweet Alhambra diamond studs

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  1. Hi Everyone, I have to eat my words because a year and a half ago I said I would not buy the sweet Alhambra diamond studs but I just recently got them. I wanted to get opinions on how people like this as a daily wear piece. The vintage size does not work for my lifestyle as much as I love them. These sweets would be an alternative to my diamond studs which are just a little over 1 carat each. For people who have owned them, how have you liked them over the years and do you still wear them a lot/regularly? Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
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  2. Congratulations on your new purchase. I don’t have the earrings. But I do like the Sweet collection. I’m considering the six motifs bracelet and the sweet diamond necklace :smile:

  3. Congrats on your earrings. I have the same question since I want the yg pave sweets for everyday. I feel the vintage size looks a bit better on me - more wow - but I already have the pave yg frivoles so not sure I need two pave yg earrings of similar size so the sweets seem like a better choice.
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  4. Please post pics!
  5. Does your boutique have the YG pave sweets? I was interested in this line (esp the bracelet) when it came out, but I was told they were exclusive to Japan.
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  6. I have purchased and gotten rid of the sweets four times now. I agree the size is much better for my lifestyle, the only downside is that I keep hoping that I can sleep in them, but of course that is not possible without bending the posts. I think you are also a runner and have a job where smaller earrings are appropriate, so then they are useful.
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  7. No my SA said she has no idea if they will be available worldwide. I would get from Japan if I can.
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  8. I hope you find them!
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  9. 88AEF584-D3AB-4151-98DE-ADA4F47750F3.jpeg
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  10. I was trying to upload a comparison of the vintage to sweet pave, but I keep getting an error message that it is too large. Sorry :sad:
  11. Thanks Nicole. I appreciate it. I have pics of the vintage size. I know I can’t wear it daily. I wonder if anyone bought the sweet but found it too small over time it would be helpful to know.
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  12. Certainly. I find them slightly lacking repeatedly, but I purchased more than once because they are so practical. I don’t really find the size too small, but the lack of 3D effect in the sweet pave like the vintage has is the only downside in my opinion. Also if you wear them daily, make sure to check regularly that you cannot pull the backs off with a firm tug. Oils from the skin will get inside the mechanism and make it less secure. Your SA can provide you with a new set of backs when/if this happens.
  13. So Nicole, did you end up keeping it? I find that with VCA, I grow to love my pieces more over time. I want to give it a chance to see if that happens with this pair. Have your feelings about the pair changed over time? And thanks for the tip about checking them. They feel very secure.

    I am also considering the pave mini frivole but the petals that jut out make me a little nervous. I don’t wear anything that hangs or drops. But the mini pave frivole do have more presence. Do you have those? What are your thoughts?
  14. I did not keep them, but I did purchase them twice if that counts for something (the longest I have kept them was 6 months). I think it’s just my personal aesthetic preference, because I like a little bit of a 3D look of the beaded border against the diamonds, and the sweets are very flat in the pave style. Otherwise I found them very practical. I do not have the mini pave frivole, but I have tried them on considering the purchase. For me they definitely have more presents than the sweets, but lose a little bit of the practical benefit because of their shape. Like I mentioned, one of my objectives with smaller VCA earrings is to be able to keep them on while running instead of taking them off and leaving them in my car, and that is not possible with the frivole, because the shape would get in the way of my earbuds.
  15. Thank you. I didn’t even think about the earbud issue. Gonna have to think about this...
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