Opinions on sunnies please!

  1. Some of you may remember I bought the 'Denise Richards' sunnies a few months back.
    I hesitated to buy them because I thought it was kind of dorky since she was so heavily photographed in them at the time - this was at the height of her exposure w/ Richie Sambora. But I couldn't ignore the fact that they were PERFECT for me! LOL!
    So I snatched up NM's last pair. I loved them, wore them all the time but they got a chip on the lens.

    I went to exchange them but none of the NM near me had them anymore, so I moved onto another pair - which I had not realized must be part of this suburbs Mom's uniform as I see at least 6 Moms at my DD's gym/cheer class w/ them on their head every week! :rolleyes:

    I've been sad that I don't have the other pair anymore so my SA located 2 pairs in different colors in and is getting them this week for me to choose from.

    My question is, in your opinion, are these just to cliche now?
    Too dorky since they've been so heavily photographed?

    I'll get them if I still love them when I go try them on, I won't base my opinion on what everyone else thinks. . . I'm just curious.

    Also, I know these have been getting VERY hard to obtain and have actually sold for more than retail because of their notoriety. . . . this pleases me ;)
    DSCF1500.jpg DSCF1498.JPG
  2. I think that if they look good on you (which I know they do), I say use them.
  3. ^ I agree. Perfect sunnies are hard to find, and if you love these, then I say go for it.
  4. I usually pick things that later wind up on all kinds of celebs in magazines etc.... it's funny because I'll have some pairs for 6 months or a year before this happens and I don't start to get compliments until people see them on celebs, then they say oh those are the "so and so" sunglasses, I just go I don't know I've had them for a year and I don't care.......Get them if you love them and don't let anything else influence your decision is what I say....hey she could have been copying you!! hehehe
  5. Hi Swanky!
    I have those in the brown w/brown gradient lens and I absolutely adore them. They are so comfortable and simply stunning
  6. Swanky, I just got these in black because I needed a pair of black sunglasses to match my black Chanel bags. :smile: I love them, not because they are the Denise Richards sunglasses (Well, I *did* notice them in the tabloids, lol) but because they truly fit my face. I had the 5083H in black - with the cc pearl logo on the sides - which were amazing, but the shape didn't suit me. The shape of the 5080B is a much better fit (exactly the same frame as the new 6014 I have in brown).

    I also adore the rhinestones on the 5080. They are subtle and not "in your face" flashy, barely noticeable with my hair covering them. If you loved them then you should buy them and hopefully Denise will have moved onto another pair, hehehe. Then we can call them the "Swanky Shades"!
  7. Simply beautiful!!Full stop!!:yes:
  8. LOL @ Roey!:heart:

    Funny how these sunnies fit a lot of faces, do you guys have little faces? I do, and these are awesome!

    Thanks for indulging me guys!
  9. Yes, I have a bitty little face and that's why it is so freakin' hard to buy decent sunglasses! Go get 'em!!
  10. I think you buy sunglasses that look good on you period. I don't think anyone thinks about over exposure due to a celeb wearing them. In fact, I kinda like it when I have something that a celeb is photographed wearing.
  11. LOL! I tried to buy teh new Camelia sunnies but they stuck out past my head too much - were too wide :sad:

    It's really hard to find a pair that's proportionate.

    Let me know if anyone else wants a pair, she's ordering me 2 and I'll take one, I can give you the name of the SA when they come in if someone wants a pair before they're completely gone.
  12. I love those sunglasses!
  13. Love the shades!
  14. What not to love about them! If they fit your face well go for it. Enjoy!
  15. Hey Swanky! Adorable glasses! :love: I too have a small face and these are my glasses incase you decide against the ones your thinking about. :heart:
    DSC03791.JPG DSC03792.JPG