Opinions on suede bucket drawstring?

  1. I've seen several suede bucket drawstring bags on eBay and they look cute. How does the suede wear? How bulky is the bag? Is the strap long enough that it can be worn across the body or is the bag too bulky for that? And finally, what wallet would look good with this bag?! Please share your opinions, experiences, etc.! Thanks!!!
  2. i had a bad experience with suede. i had a large hamptons pink suede purse and i loved the style to death but since i tend to wear black alot it wore off on the suede and made it look horrible, nothing would clean it up. also any type of wear on suede shows up, i prefer leather
  3. Suede is definitely "high maintenance" and not an every day bag . . . But if you love something in suede and can afford to have a bag that's not just for everyday, then go for it!

    I got the legacy shoulder bag in plum suede and I love it! I protected it with Applegarde and only use it when weather permits! I also have a suede fringe bag that I wear more regularly (but still very mindful of the weather) and I've protected that as well - it's worn just fine.

    If you're looking for something that can be worn anytime/anywhere however, go with leather.