Opinions on Stuart Weitzman Alex wedges- are they worth it?

  1. Thank you sneezz, Needanotherbag, jessdressed & Shoppaholic11 for your kind comments! :flowers:

    So ladies, I've decided to return my Alexlos. I think they're too pricy for me to only "kinda" like them. After putting them on I knew we just weren't meant to be! They're still super cute and I hope whoever is ordering a pair will love them! :yes:
  2. That's too bad, Mia Bella. It looked so cute on you, but comfort must play into things, esp. considering a high price tag. I've never tried it on...gotta admit, I'm surprised because wedges are usually fairly comfy. That darn sole! :pout:
  3. Bummer...gotta admit this makes me a little bit nervous that I wont like mine. I tried them on a year ago and they felt good then but perhaps they changed something about them that made them stiffer...
  4. That's a shame Mia Bella. I'm sure you'll find the perfect pair some day.
  5. Don't be nervous! I think in this instance it's all a matter of preference. The difference between us is that you're comfortable in clog type shoes while I'm not. They're so cute...it sucked having to pack them up. I hate it when things don't work out. :sad:

    Thanks sneezz! You're so sweet. :smile:
  6. I have the Alex in Swamp and bought them from Bloomingdales last winter. They had a random pair on the sale rack and after all the extra discounts I think I paid $150 something with tax :yahoo:

    I normally wear flats but since they are a wedge they are pretty comfortable to walk around in. They also seem to run a 1/2 size larger then other Stuart Weitzman styles.
  7. Koshi13 - wow what a deal!

    Mia Bella - I think I'm on the same boat as you. Even though we didn't purchase the same shoe, I only "kinda" like my Alex.

    What do you ladies think? Should I keep them? They're pretty comfortable. In regards to sizing, I size down 1/2 size. My usual size is 5, and I got these in a 4.5.

  8. ^^^They are so dang cute on you!! Keep them!
  9. Great steal of a price koshi, you really lucked out!

    Keep them nhu nhu!! Thanks for the sizing advice. I'd need a 4.5 too then.

    I am sad..Nordies ran out of 4.5 in the Alexlos! :sad: I should've listened to you ladies. I guess I wanted to try them on IRL first before committing cuz I hate dealing with the hassle of returning online purchases. On a bright note, Zappos has them in 4.5 in chocolate. What do you ladies think about that color? Zappos has sold out of the swamp color it seems.
  10. Thank you Needanotherbag!

    Sneezz - It's so strange but it just seems like all of the stores only carry 1 pair in size 4.5. I bought mine from Endless and after checkout, size 4.5 was no longer available. For sizing reference, I'm a size 4.5 in the 50/50 so I think we're the same size.
  11. I decided to go ahead and get them cuz with Zappos I have nothing to lose. They're a darker color so idk if they'd go with a whole lot like the swamp ones. We shall see. They never had the swamp in 4.5 when it was in stock but I did put my email address down to be notified. Footnotes has them in 4.5 but I wanna see if and how they fit first before ordering a pair.

  12. Sneezz - please post modeling pics when you get them!
  13. Will do! Yes we appear to be the same size. I got my 5050s in 4.5 also. :biggrin:
  14. Ah heck I went and ordered the swamp Alexlos from footnotesonline anyways!
  15. I love them!!! The swamp is such a great, versatile color. :yes: I think you should definitely keep them! I'm sure I would have loved the Alexlos if they had a little more of a heel. Honestly, I'd snag the Alex in a second if they were the same price as the Alexlo.