Opinions on stripe/initial colors before purchase

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  1. I'm finally deciding to take the plunge! I'm going for the PM St. Louis Tote in the navy (so torn between that and the green!!).

    However, looking at pictures of those with the stripes and initials, I REALLY like it...but now I'm stuck on what colors I should get. Any suggestions or pictures (I don't think I've seen any navy with stripes).

    Thank you in advance!! :smile:
  2. Also, maybe a little more info...I'm 26 yrs old, casual most of the time unless it's for work, fave color purple, blue, green. Thanks!!!!
  3. I like when the Stripes are across the bag rather than straight up and down. Navy....Hummmmm....To be honest. I would like to see Green and yellow. Woule you really want a navy bag with a blue stripe? The purple will kind of mix in with the color of the navy on the bas as well. Or green and white would look nice too. Good luck!!!!
  4. Thanks for your thoughts! I definitely wouldn't get a blue stripe on a blue bag, but was just stating colors I like. I am kind of stuck on purple stripes/initials now, so I wondering if I should re-consider my bag color (maybe white). All of the colors I really like anyway, just trying to decide on one that I would use often, because I do want to use it as an interchangeable from work to going to class a few nights a week.

    This process is SO difficult!

    Thanks again!
  5. I think stripes in red and cream would look great with navy.
  6. It is a hard choice!!!!! I know this sounds odd but the yellow St. Louis with the purple sounds awsome! You the yellon with Green and purple stripes and blue initinals??? Just throwing Ideas for you!
  7. You mentioned that you like purple- the purple paint looks really wonderful against the navy Goyard print, in my opinion. Of course, I am biased- I have a navy Fidji with my initials in purple over white (just like the initials in the wallet in my avatar). The white underneath the purple does really make it pop. But because you said that you are interested in stripes, just make sure that all the colors you choose go well together. Of course, they rarely do not! The white does look amazing against the navy, though, so it might be nice to have a triple-color stripe running down the center of the bag with a space for your initials in the upper center- your initials being in the same colors as the stripes. For example, triple-color stripe that goes dark pink-white-dark pink, then with the initials in dark pink paint over the white.

    I hope this helps and best of luck! You can see what the purple over white initals looks like on my Goyard set on Flickr.
  8. Thanks so much for all of the input!

    I do like the yellow bag/purple pain color combo, but just did not want to get the yellow bag because one of my best friends has that color. And since there is such an array of colors and choices, I wanted to go with a different color.

    The purple on white does look good, thanks for that!! I am having such a hard, time, haha, but will definitely have to put some thought into this just because it is a big purchase. However, I am VERY excited, as it will be my first Goyard.

    Thanks again!! :smile: