Opinions on Stella McCarthey bags

  1. I was in Intermixx in Boca Raton over the weekend and fell madly in love with a wine patent Stella bag. The quality is great and the price was not terrible - I bougtht it and I have not worn it but now that we have our first real fall day today (right now its 65 degrees) I thought I would take it out its beautiful dust cover and wear it..
    Just wondered if anyone had worn a Stella bag and if they quality was good... jury is still out with me..
  2. i've seen a black patent McCartney, but McCarthey i haven't heard of ?
  3. ^^ I'm sure that is a typo...I've only seen the Stella bags at Harvey Nicks in London, but I'm a fan--though I don't like fake leather, so I prefer her canvas and cloth bags
  4. Yes, definately just a typo, I do it all the time. I like her designs but have not heard much about the quality yet.
  5. I prefer the Mud Himal Hobo bag, myself, as I love faux suede and am not so keen on faux leather.

    I'm sure that the quality is excellent. :yes:
  6. Haven't seen IRL but the designs are so cute.
  7. I like some of the bags I´ve seen.
  8. Thanks guys DEF a typo on my part. I am loving the bag we will see how they hold up..
    I will keep ya posted.
    Thanks :smile:
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