Opinions on split shank?

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  1. What are your opinions on split shank engagement rings, pros, cons? Do you prefer them with one band or two? If you have any pics of your split shank please share.
  2. I like them a lot! I tried a few on this past week as I'm still trying to figure out what setting I like. I tried them on w/ my my stacking bands - one at a time and still really liked it.
  3. I don't mind them, they're beautiful but I don't think I could wear one every day.
  4. I don't care for them, but then, my ring finger has a shorter space to work with, so for me personally, it's too wide a look.

    Trustlove, have you tried any splits on?
  5. here's a couple I tried on recently and it wasn't until I put them on that I realized that I actually like them!

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  6. omg this is so pretty, does it still have the same sparkle as the solitaire rings , it's gorgeous! where can i find one like this , i actually love it !

  7. has more sparkle as my solitaire would be in it :yes:
    These are at a jewelry store in Dallas, TX.
  8. More pretties. . . .

  9. i think when i do come to buying the e-ring .... i won't be going to tiffanys. i'm going to look around. that ring is gorgeous !!
  10. i absolutely love these :biggrin:

  11. I think they are very pretty. They still have a delicate appearance but more sparkle than a single shank.
  12. :yes:
    They're find for small fingers actually, they're no wider than the stone itself afterall . . .
    I was surprised I liked them when I tried it on as I thought I wanted a single super delicate band or a thin band w/ long baguettes a la HW.
  13. depends on quality of stone.
  14. true, which would you recommend in quality? i'm looking for the sparkliest i can get. say if i budget at 10,000 or less ... is this even possible for a 2carat ring ?

    also more importantly are they a good jewellers that i can trust ? are they recommended? their designs look amazing but never hear of them