opinions on some fall koobas, thanks!

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  1. hi all!
    what do you think about the care of the suede koobas for the fall winter? i think they're gorgeous bags, but are they going to have to be "babied?" what do you guys think of the cassandra for fall? the drawstring in black..any thoughts? my favorite kooba is the angie and i am dying to get her but i'm TERRIFIED of the color!!! would love any and all thoughts, thanks!!!!:heart:
  2. Hi there song, there are a couple of threads (Kooba Website Has New Fall Collection" and "Got A Taupe Suede Elisha") that discuss what people have seen/think of the fall collection so far. The consensus appears to be that we're all under-whelmed! A few people like the Katy and we all seem to love the suede Elisha! A lot of people have been taking a wait-and-see-for yourself-in-person attitude.

    I had sort of been waiting as well and had put some dollars aside for the new fall bags, but honestly, nothing is really grabbing me and I'm going to wait to go and look and try them on in person. In the meantime, a lot of people have been snapping up the popular bags from the past year or so that have gone on sale, like the Jillian and Carla and Elisha and, of course, the Sienna, when you can find one.
  3. Youngster.....great report on the state of affairs around here!
  4. Yes youngster, that just about sums it up!:smile:
  5. Sorry Songofthesea for not answering your PM, but you got the whole scoop right here. This forum is far better tha just one person's opinion. I am getting a Devin in Suede and for durability, that is yet to be seen. If it fails, it won't be Kooba's fault. Suede is suede and we all know what potential problems it has. I also think the Katy is cool. I am underwhelmed by much else.
  6. I'm quietly interested in the Eden in black, but that's about all. I don't see it as a 'must have' bag. I think there will be better bags out there, but unfortunately they won't have the name Kooba on them, unless I go for the older models, which still rock!
  7. I saw the Sloane in forest on the Kooba site again and am very tempted!! There is also the Gretchen in Forest-any thoughts on ths bag?? I seem to have too many that are black or brown, so a green might add some interest to the mix...
  8. ****update****
    i bought the devin in black suede with black patent trim today...AND am returning it tomorrow...the bag is gorgeous, but, once i got it home my brain unfroze and i remembered that i live in NEW ENGLAND where winter starts in OCTOBER and ends in APRIL!!! that's a lot of snow and rain...also, where the patent trim meets the suede on the bag was not that well put together and looked like an accident waiting to happen...so she goes back tomorrow and i'll keep my eyes out for the next best kooba...thanks all for your feedback!!!
  9. Yes, songofthesea.....I lived in northern Michigan all my life, and I always thought that winter was 8 months out of the year....hence, no sandals with open toes......or.....suede bags, no matter how lovely the handbags are. Sorry you had to go through the hassle of the return.
  10. The forest green is a nice color but suede is suede like everyone says. You might want a Sloane in slate (medium gray). Someone had a really pretty Lena in the forest green suede on eBay before I left town yesterday morning.
  11. The Parker is really nice in ink(navy) and the red Elisha is absolutely gorgeou8s.
  12. help!! slush!! has a red Elisha, it it looks great on her. That is one beautiful bag. Fondled it in the store.....loved it! Still on the fence about the Fall lineup...
  13. I dont think I will be getting any of the suede bags although the Elisha and Devin are beautiful. But I wouldnt mind a bag in the eggplant color, I want to see the color that isnt a stock picture first.
  14. I'm with you on that one Shockey. I'd like to see some photos on real people. Active Endeavors has some good ones.
  15. am going to order the cassandra in black...i love drawstring bags and this one looks smooshy and has outside pockets, etc...have any of you seen a cassandra?