Opinions on size

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  1. I'm sick of same old brands and decided one night to look at you tube Marc Jacobs bags. I saw the classic hillier and went on eBay and impulsively bought one. Now I'm afraid it'll be too small. Is it considered medium sized? This is what I bought.

  2. I found the listing and the measurements are provided, so is that typically the size bag you carry? It's the Huge Hillier, the largest size made, assuming the measurements are correct. It's pretty spacious.
  3. I don't think it will be too small. It's a great size :smile:

  4. Thank you. Yes I saw the measurements but it confused me because I saw some people say it's a little too small. Maybe they had a smaller size? It should be here tomorrow so I'll know for sure.

  5. Thanks. I'm pretty excited for my first one
  6. Anyone know what color it is?