Opinions on shiney or matte finishes

  1. I recently purchased a Calcaire Work that is in beautiful condition. My question is the bag isn`t real shiney more of a matte finish.The leather is very soft, but again not shiney. Whats everyone opinion on this?

  2. My bags vary with color, season, etc. My 05 apple green city is pretty matte, and it is my favorite city bag! My 06 greige and black have more of a shine and I love them too. Think different colors/seasons have look different, which make them all so unique and TDF!
  3. i prefer matte 100%. i think it makes the bag more smooshy, but maybe that's just me... would love to hear others' opinions.
  4. I agree. I treat my bags and it makes them seem so much thicker and squishy... love it!
  5. depends on the color for me...

    darker colors look good with the shine/glare...light colors can look cheap. overall, i probaly like matte, but my black city is a bit shiny and i think it definitely adds to the bag.
  6. yeah, unfortantely the newer leathers are shiny and glossy. That's why I lean towards older bbags. I had and sold some '06 bags because the leather was a lot thinner, glossier, and almost had a slippery feel when you lightly grazed it with your fingers. I liked it at first, but as soon as I got my hand on my 05 magenta! BAM! It was love at first touch! Magenta a calcaire were from the same season, so yeah don't expect too much gloss there. If that's what you're looking for, then you might want to look for 06 and newer bags
  7. I actually prefer them shiney!

    Whenever I order from BalNY I tell Daisy to pick the shiniest (and veiny!) bag she can find :p
  8. queenvic, you're a rarity! You're lucky because you can probably find the veiny ones more at stores since most people are asking for non veiny bags.
  9. I don't like shiny. Semi or matte for me.
  10. semi shiny. No matte or shiny for me.
  11. I really don't mind both, each has their own beauty and I've learnt to appreciate them as they are :smile: Sometimes the colors play a part too. Some colors look better matte, some don't.
  12. Semi or matte for me too - lol.. same with veininess I don't like extreme veins, but some distressing looks awesome!
  13. I honestly believe that the shine is "new bag" shine. Both my Rouille and Ink Twiggys were very shiney when I first got them. With use, they are matte.

    I wish you well,