opinions on selling something(s)

  1. hi all,
    i sell a lot of my bags on eBay...they are in excellent condition most of the time and i always include pictures and if the buyer needs more info i gladly answer all questions and provide more pictures if needed...here's my question...i have a bulga butterfly in a gorgeous brown and a gustto baca in green and i'd like to sell both of them to make way for new bags...the gustto is in very good condition but on the bottom of the bag there are a few marks...the bulga is in excellent condition with one mark on the bottom...how do you usually price bags that you sell and am i asking this question in the right place?
  2. oops, just found the eBay forum...will post there...sorry!!!
  3. can link me to your store so I can see what you have?
  4. i don't have an eBay store, i'm just someone trying to support my bag habit by selling gently used bags to pay for new ones!!!