Opinions on selling my HH Cannes Tote in Chalk...

  1. I ordered the HH Cannes Tote in chalk a last fall. Unfortunately, I have only used it a couple times because I also ordered the Beatrice in chalk and seem to carry her more.

    I think I'd like to sell the Cannes. Can anyone provide advice/info on the best way to sell HH? She really is a beautiful bag and I feel bad that she is just sitting in the dustbag in my closet going unused.
  2. Haha...sell her to meee! I'm sure you could eBay it but I think the problem you'll come across with any HH bag is the reluctance of anyone who has seen their sales to pay more than the lowest price they have ever seen the bag. Maybe someone else will have a better answer for ya?
  3. I'd love to get her to a tPF member. I'm not a big fan of eBay because I don't think bags do well there, plus when you DO have an authentic bag, it's hard to set it out from the other fakes that claim they're authentic. I paid 270 for her during the sale. Any ideas on what I should ask for her? Like I said, she's been carried <10 times...
  4. oubrittany, you won't get what you paid - I've been watching HH bags on eBay for quite some time, and they rarely go for high prices (well, the Cannes, anyway). I think eBay WOULD really be your best choice, unless you can stand not getting any money at all and giving her as a gift. -or-let her continue resting in her dust bag and revisit her later on - .

    The thing about HH is that they are not being counterfieted yet, so anybody who knows what they want and are looking for in the Hayden-Harnet line knows that, so you'd be OK on eBay. And we do have our own 'authenticate this HH' thread here too, for those who don't know.

    As you know, it's against tPF policy to sell or offer to sell here - so be very careful...
  5. I had one of those that I sold last year on eBay..I got $185 for it if I remember correctly..so I don't think you will be able to get back the $270 that you paid.
    I actually loved this bag and wished I were still a student..it would be a perfect school bag - big enough to fit a laptop/books...maybe if you are still a student you could use it as a school bag?