Opinions on Satchels versus Shoulder Bags

  1. Hi, girls! I am currenty eyeing the new chelsea satchel in khaki/tobacco! BUT I have never owned a satchel before! I'd like to hear from ALL of you girls who own a satchel, and can you tell me why you prefer the satchel over the shoulder bag? My BIG concern is, living in NY, we need to wear heavy winter coats in the winter time...I would like to use this bag in the winter time, but am unsure if it will fit comfortably over a heavy winter coat on my shoulder (I did try it on recently and it fit VERY comfortably on my shoulder w/ a t-shirt on!!!!!) I do not know if I will enjoy a satchel while shopping....IF I have to carry it on my arm and not fling it over my shoulder!!!! If anyone can show modelling pics, that would be GREAT as well! I am soooooooo in love w/ this adorable bag!!!! Thanks, girls!!!
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    This is the OBJECT OF MY DESIRE!!!!!! It is just sooooooooo amazingly ADORABLE!!!! Please HELP!!! I have always been a shoulder bag girl, but now I would like to TRY something new and cute!!! thanks!
  3. You make a very good point about having to put the bag over your large winter coat so a satchel would be a perfect fit! I'm personally a satchel lover so I couldn't agree more. But also most satchels can pretty much fit over your shoulder (without the large coat) as well. Might not be too comfortable but it'll possible. Besides it's arm candy!!! So I'd say go for the satchel! :heart:
  4. I find myself carrying most of my purses in the crook of my arm anyway so I say go for the satchel. Probably better for your back and shoulders to carry in on your arm. Have you ever tried it?
  5. I am a satchel lover as well. I prefer to carry my handbags, it's much easier on the body. Sometimes you can develop shoulder pain if your bag is too heavy and you carry it around on the shoulder. Carrying it in your hand or on your arm also draws attention to it more and we all know that we :heart:L:heart:O:heart:V:heart:E:heart: to show off our stylish bags!
  6. I used to be a shoulder bag girl only....then "suddenly" I ended up with an LV Speedy, Trouville...and my b&w sig Chelsea satchel! I just love the crook of the arm look...so elegant!

    I can't put Chelsea satchel on my shoulder. Although the strap drop is long enough the bag is too wide and hits weird on my body.
  7. To me, the perfect bag is a satchel that you can where on the shoulder if needed. If you have a nice bag you like to have showing, typically a shoulder is covered somewhat by your arm. But a satchel that can also go over your shoulder to free your hands works both ways. They don't always do that though and sometimes a satchel is too wide for your arm to go down in a comfortable way.
  8. I used to only like shoulder bags... but now I love satchels!! I love the look of carrying it on the arm. I say go for the satchel :smile:
  9. I have never tried one! That is why I am unsure!!! LOL...like when I go food shopping...my bag stays ON my shoulder..I dont put my bags in my cart...will I be comfortable carrying a satchel on the crook of my arm while pushing a shopping cart? Anyone???? LOLOLOL PLEASE HELP!!! I REALLY love how this bag looks!

  10. TRUE...OH HOW TRUE!!!!!!
  11. so ..when you girls go to the mall, you have your sachels in the crook of your arms? I've never carried a bag this way....new territory for me!
  12. GOOD QUESTION...GOOD QUESTION!!! This is a WHOLE new territory for me, too....since my YOUNGEST is entering KINDERGARTEN in Sept :yahoo::yahoo: and I will be shoppng ALONE for the most part now, I figure I may enjoy this satchel bag!!! Besides...it's soooooooooooo CUTE!!!!! LOLOL....I may NOT be able to resist it!!!! I hope we can see some modelling pics of satchels on and off the shoulder....HINT HINT girls!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yep!! It may not be as 'hands free' to browse that way when you shop but you do get used to it...and I love the look!! :yahoo:
  14. Me too (love the look)!!! Any chance you can post a few modelling pics, Pursegrrl??? We would REALLY love to see pics!!!! thanks!
  15. Let me see if I have some pics from when I first got my chelsea satchel...honestly you guys I am in a t-shirt and sweats and just not up to posing for y'all...I really should get dolled up like my avatar however, hahaha!