Opinions on ruby and diamond bands

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  1. #1 Jun 20, 2018
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    I am thinking of getting a new wedding band for my Vatche U 113 (looks just like Tiffany solitaire). I have a 1.50 ct 5 stone diamond ring that is the original wedding band , but I mostly wear it on my right hand. I am thinking of doing something a little unusual for the new wedding band vs just another diamond band that looks similar to the 5 stone. My birthday is in July and I like this ruby band, but I have never bought anything off Etsy and am worried about the quality. So A - do you think it would be a good match and B - does the quality look ok?


    The other one I like is from a reputable online store where I got my 5 stone and ering, but not sure how the bezel look would go with my ring?


    thank you!!
  3. Hi. I'm a jeweler. You need at least 2.7-3mm width in each band to create a decent stacked look since your band has decent sozed diamonds already, otherwise you're going to end up with bands that are too thin.

    Try Allison Kaufman dot com .you can then find a retailer off theor website. They have a band that has amazing rubies.

    If you are set on the styles you have chosen, have a local jeweler make it for you in a 2.7-3mm version. The cost of having custom made bands os way down these days, thanks to technology.

    Best wishes
  4. Thank you! I won't be wearing the 5 stone with the ruby band though....just the ering.
  5. I have heard people buying custom made rings from etsy, especially engagement ring.Check wedding bee you will know which seller is tried and tested. I ordered a vintage ring from there too. It was a seller called goldadore. I know she does custom made jewelry but she specializes on antique or vintage jewelry. I paid it through layaway of 6 mos.
  6. With rubies it’s all about their colour, of the two rings you posted I’d say that the bezel set ring looks like its rubies have better colour and clarity. However I much prefer the design of the first ring. Also rubies are difficult to photograph, my ruby ring never looks as good in photos as it does when seen in real life
    Good luck, I do like both options :flowers:
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  7. I have the Whiteflash Danielle band and to be honest the stones are very nice but super tiny. It’s well made but I wish I’d gone custom and got a wider version. I bought it to stack with other bands but it’s too small to work on my fingers (size 6.25). Sadly I don’t wear it and would have returned but it was impractical as I’m in the UK. [emoji853]
    What about David Klass?
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  8. Do you have a picture of it on your hand? Thank you!
  9. Its only now that i look at your etsy post...wow the ruby was untreated! Thats pretty rare
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  10. So sorry for the delay... I didn't see your message. I'm currently working away from home but can take a picture when I return next week if you don't mind waiting?
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  11. I think both should be fine, though I like my "widths" to match on my rings. So I wouldn't want something far off from the shank of the Eng ring. Either would go well but I think the "jazz" style would look nicer.
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  12. Sorry for the delay. I don’t know if your still interested but I managed to take a few pics with a phone. Excuse the wrinkly hands and nails; I swear the hand isn’t as bad in real
    life but the nails are destroyed with gardening [emoji13] IMG_7383.jpg IMG_7384.jpg

  13. I’ve attached a few more for perspective. It’s VERY petite. The other bands are all narrow and not really enough to stand alone; I always stack them. I’ve included a pic of a Tiffany etoile so you can get a sense of proportion as the dimensions are on their website IMG_7387.jpg IMG_7385.jpg IMG_7386.jpg IMG_7389.jpg
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