Opinions on Roz's choco paddington...

  1. I have read in here that Roz sometimes doesn't list the picture of the bag you will receive. She definitely sells authentic bags but maybe doesn't update photos on a regular basis? It looks like one of the more rigid leather variations to me from the photos. But you could send her a Q and make sure that is the actual bag selling.
  2. It looks soft to me (specially from the backside pic)...they also soften up a WHOLE LOT more as you use them.
  3. I am looking for a pebbly one...she said hers was smooth. To me I'd rather wait, considering the opening price is more than retail.
  4. Yes Roz uses the same photos all the time... so if you are looking for a particular leather you should definitely contact her to get pictures of the actual bag she has in stock at the moment.