Opinions on rouge H mysore

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  1. Those who have seen anything in rouge H in chevre mysore or who has an item in this, what do you think of it? Is it pretty or just pretty dull?:confused1: Please feel free to post any pics you may have too!:flowers: I'm considering a Bearn wallet in this configuration.
  2. wouldn't a vert anis or turquoise bearn wallet be a nice compliment to your potiron?
  3. Goddamn - I ADORE Mysore!!!!!!! I've seen an agenda in what I think was rouge h mysore...looked nice, not as dark as it is in say, box leather........


  4. yes, but a rouge h will be lovely in your black birkin.....:graucho:
  5. LOL! You guys are great! Plan for my next Birkin, eh K?:graucho: Actually, red is my fav colour so I was really hoping for something real vibrant and sluttly like rouge vif, lol! So I rang all the stores in Aus but none had them.

    Truffles, I was thinking about Vert Anis as well and the Surfer's Paradise store in Queensland had one in mysore! BUT no contrasting brown stitching which I find sooo appealing.:sad:
  6. ^that's funny - I called Sydney this AM askin for ANYTHING in Rouge vif chevre...they must be thinking, what the hell is going on with rouge vif today??????? LOL!
  7. vert anis will go well with your potiron and your black birkin and your gold birkin, no?
  8. he, he, he.......Itbag is right.......
  9. :lol: You guys are killin me! :sweatdrop: Let's take one Birkin at a time shall we? Don't make me buy that 35mm one now! I'll do it, you know..:angel::Push:
  10. that vert anis mysore bearn sounds really nice. the color will just "pop" when you pull it out of your potiron. i can imagine the scenario already. forget the brown stitching. you don't need brown stitching. white stitching will be very nice and bright!
  11. ^ LOL....Itbag, are you channelling shopmom today???????
  12. i've actually been really lucky lately when it comes to shopping. everything i try on has been fitting and looking really good. just trying to spread my shopping karma...:smile:
  13. send some my way...I need a combo Birkin......
  14. :winkiss: speak it and it will come.
  15. Sue, I have a picture of my Rouge H in Chevre Coromandel which is pretty much almost identical in color to the Mysore--in the What's in your bag thread. It's definitely a more muted red color...especially if I compare it to my Rouge VIF, and I tend to like my accessories in bright colors. I agree with theITbag, the Vert Anis would be to TDF--especially w/your Potiron!