Opinions on RIO

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  1. Hello guys, Thank you so much for helping me with deciding which silver clutch to buy... I have'nt bought my silver clutch yet coz something else pops up right in time that takes away my spending reserve.. Yes I have ADHD..and im getting a RIO for 400 on sale!!!

    So what do you think about the RIO in black leather. Is it too large and awkward to carry or are you happy with yours. It looks great on Posh Spice and in the catalogue pictures buy I am not sure how it will look on me. I am 5 feet 5 and will wear heels when I carry it... what do you think? Debating...
  2. I like my black calf Rio. The chain strap is a bit chunky and feels better as a clutch. I don't think the size is too big or small. Posh Spice is tiny, (size 6/7 in children's probably) so everything looks big on her.
  3. Oh good, thanks Jburgh. I was worried about the size . Its 16 X 9 inches , that seems like a purse than a clutch. Its pretty though and Im tempted. I prefer buying clutches and evening bags in general because for the day I use just one or 2 bags for work and for the place I work at those are best..
  4. It's definitely not an overly big bag, maybe a little big for a clutch but I'd consider it a medium size bag over all. I do use the chain about half the time and sometimes I carry it as a clutch but still leave the chain out and hanging. I kind of like the way it looks that way :smile:.
  5. Yes I like that look too with the chain hanging. Im sure if I saw it IRL I would love it... 400 is a great price too right?
  6. I would go for it! I have to admit that I couldn't pass up any JC for $400.00!
  7. Y-e-s

  8. Aaaaaa, Hell Ya :nuts:
  9. Its a great bag:tup:
  10. awsome!!! Im gonna get it!! Thankuuuuuuuuuu!! Ill post picture when I get it.