Opinions on red Chanel's needed, please


Which red, or both?

  1. red jumbo classic

  2. red rock & chain

  3. both!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, so I already have 1 red Chanel (see first pic). I have a red caviar jumbo (pic #2) and a red rock & chain flap (pic #3) on order. I really want both, but 3 seems kind of ridiculous. I love the rock & chain b/c it's so different, but the red jumbo only comes around every so often and it seems less trendy. Should I get both? Or try to choose one?
    Picture%20004 (2).JPG chanel03.jpg SS0718.jpg
  2. how much is a red rock and chain flap ??

    that bag is gorgeous :heart:3333
  3. If you HAD to pick only one, I would get the jumbo because you already have another red bag that has a trendy and "edgy" look about it.
    But the rock and chain flap is SOOOOO hot, that if you COULD swing both...they all are beautiful in their own right, even if they're all red.
  4. ^^ Ita!
  5. If you have to pick one, then I would pick the red jumbo for the classic look, and then get the other red later.
  6. They're all very different especially the third, but the flap is very classic. It would be a tough choice to choose one. I'm going for the red jumbo flap myself, but it will be my only red bag. If you would use more than one red, I say go for both! They're all gorgeous and completely different. Don't forget to post pics when you decide!
  7. Both are lovely, but if I HAD to pick one, I would pick the classic one.
  8. I totally agree! :yes:
  9. I'd pick the rock and chain...
  10. The red bag that you have is GORGEOUS! If you can get both, by all means go for it. If you can only get one, the jumbo is TDF!!!
  11. I voted Classic flap. I love it with the silver chain.
  12. I voted for both since the jumbo is classic and the rock & chain is trendy- they are both red, but the bags are so different structurally.

    Did you think maybe considering the rock & chain in a different color for more variety? I'd love it in black.
  13. That would be great (another color), but I have 4-5 blacks now and the only other color available was white (at NM, Saks & Chanel boutique) and I don't do white. Maybe I'll try Bergdorf's or Bloomingdale's though.
  14. definitely the classic flap, red is so hard to get in this style.
  15. I would love the JUMBO! Its so gorgeous!