Opinions on Python Oh My Sling

  1. I was at Barneys today and came across a python Oh My Sling, so with my new handy I-phone, I snapped this picture. I usually love python CLs but there is something about this shoe that I am not 100% crazy about. There are 2 versions available at Barneys, iridescent python with shades of blue, and another version with shades of pink. I don't think that these photos captured the color well.
    So what are your thoughts? Am I not in love because of my recent hypnosis to stop buying Louboutins or is it because this shoe just isn't that beautiful?
    IMG_00413.jpg IMG_0042.jpg
  2. Hey Kamilla. I think those are super hot! I guess it would depend on the price for me. You know though, if you aren't 100% in love, then you should pass.
  3. I think they are a great show to jazz up a work outfit or any more sophisticated look. They do not offer that sexy quality that Louboutin is known for though. So, if I had unlimited bucks, I would add them to my collection. But, since I only can afford to buy the Louboutin that I love, I would have to hold off unle they went on sale. I'd like to ee them IRL though. The color might change my mind.
  4. I don't like these in python..I prefer patent.
  5. Wait till they go on sale .
  6. they're beautiful but i'd rather get them when they're on sale..i prefer the [python pigalles..
  7. Thanks for posting a pic with your Iphone. I always wish I could take a pic without being obvious because I know it's a no-no at stores...anyways, you know I :heart: python, but the shoe itself would have to have a wow factor first. Combine a dazzling shoe with python and I am sold. Until the Oh My wins me over, I wouldn't necessarily pay full price for it or even get it on sale. BTW, I think I need hypnosis to stop buying CLs too!
  8. I don't like them that much ... shape + python...hmmm I think it's a bid off I prefer the python VP's !
  9. I agree with you on not being able to see the colour well. I cant really tell either whether I like it or not. But do tell me more about CL hypnosis.. I need some of that pronto!
  10. I'm not a huge fan of combining python and that style....it's still a nice shoe, just no longer one of the top, must-have CL shoes IMO. I think the best version of the Oh-My-Sling is the electric blue leather one.
  11. hypnosis :roflmfao:

    I'm not a huge fan of the Oh My's - they almost seem a touch dowdy (but for the height). I don't know if it's the toe shape, or the strap, or what. The python adds little IMO. JMO though!
  12. Is this the decollete with a slingback?

    I'm a sucker for python, but this isn't doing anything for me.
  13. Hmm, I know what you mean, they are just OK...:s
  14. These are just not as sexy as the No Prive and the Very Prive. If you like them, wait for them to go on sale.
  15. A big nay for me. :sad: