Opinions on purchasing second hand costing MORE than retail?


Jun 21, 2016
Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I'm looking to purchase a woc. Admittedly I'm on the petite side and I unfortunately I've not have the opportunity to try it on as there are no closeby boutiques, but I'm been obsessed with it!
Ideally I would love to get a red caviar woc with silver hardware much like in last year's collection, and I've spotted one preloved in almost new condition from well known consignment store retailing for same as retail (not including duties). My question is do you think it's worth it or should I wait. Do you think Chanel will release it again in this colour combination?

The other two alternatives I'm been looking at is the Classic black caviar with GHW WOC ($1550 + duties) OR Black patent with SHW WOC. Both of these are cheaper than the red woc, and the patent is actually going for a good price of $1350 USD.

Also would love to know your thoughts on which do you think would be a better investment/resale should I decide it doesnt work out for me in the end. keep in mind I have a Black Lambskin M/L Classic flap GHW and a Black Caviar square mini flap with SHW.

What are your opinons?


May 7, 2014
Is it a classic red 00V? Then you can find it, as they show up once in a while. If not, then depending how much you love it. I usually stop myself from getting smth over retail price, because Chanel is already expensive.


Mar 20, 2015
- Chanel will probably release another red caviar WOC with SHW. We just don't know when. But this is not a rare color or combination so I wouldn't worry about not ever finding it again.

- Personally, I would never pay over retail (exception would be for extremely rare items). But it's up to you if it's worth it. Just like I think paying 5K is "worth it" for a jumbo, some people probably think I'm crazy.

- Out of all 3, the black caviar obviously is the "better investment" if you may be selling it in the future. I would also recommend this over the patent one. Just my opinion.


Jul 15, 2015
i know there are well known online consignment stores coughcoughfashionphile that will charge more than retail for a woc (or another example lv pochette metis for used!). so if you can find one that is the same as retail but will cost more with duties, that may not be such a bad deal.
depends on how much you love it and want it and what will you use. also what will you not regret. but i agree that black caviar is the "safer bet" for reselling

i am very short. 5 ft on a good day. and the woc as is, is very long on me. but there are ways to adjust it if you dont mind the fuss of it.


Take That
Dec 22, 2009
I was wondering about this issue as well. I've seen a vintage camera bag for $1500 to $2000 at Club Monaco. Apparently they are selling them for a famous NYC consignment store. But I think these prices are pretty high for a purse that looks to be at least 10 or more years old.


Dec 15, 2005
North of Boston
According to the Shopping sticky thread, Boutique Stock what has been seen, etc. Post #617 has a new red chevron woc with shw at Bloomimgdales.

I think it's worth waiting for a new one. Just keep watching the thread, or contact SA's to see if they have what you want.

My Bloomies SA only has one of this red caviar woc. $2100. Pm if you're ready to buy.<br />

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