Opinions on purchasing Chloe

  1. Hi all! Fairly new to forum & would like advice in choosing a Chloe. There are no stores in my area that carry Chloe & the closest locations are Atlanta,GA or Charolette,NC. Has anyone had experience shopping in either city? Usually carry a shoulder bag (hobo,etc). Any advice?
  2. If you have no stores that carry Chloe in your area, then you are probably better off to shop online at legitimate sites such as Net a Porter, Neiman Marcus, or Aloha Rag. They:idea: sell the real thing. Of course there is eBay, but you need to make sure you are getting the real thing and for a novice it's a minefield out there. In my experience on eBay, roz77772002 sells the real thing, as does elizabeth thomas and some others, but again, on eBay it's easy to get scammed with a fake bag. I am not familiar with stores in Atlanta or Charlotte but maybe someone out there has more info.
    Hope this helps...;)
  3. Ty ;)